Art Nouveau - Architecture and Design

Photos by Jeffery Howe.

Henry van de Velde (Belgian)

H. van de Velde: Office for Julius Meier-Graefe, c. 1900

H. van de Velde: Mme. 
van de Velde in dress by H. 
van de Velde, published in Dekorative Kunst, 1901

Parody of van de Velde's 
designs by "Van der Bloede", Lustige Blaetter, Berlin.

Henry van de Velde -- quotes on ornament and design:

quoted by Hanno-Walter Kruft, A History of Architectural Theory, New York:  Princeton Architectural Press, 1994, p. 382.
"It is clear that machines will eventually have to make good all the misery they have caused, and atone for the atrocities they have committed... They produce beautiful things and ugly things indiscriminately.  But the mighty power of their iron arms will produce beautiful things as soon as they are governed by beauty."
Säuberung der Kunst, 1894

"To whichever of the applied arts any given building may belong, in creating it one has to pay particular attention to ensuring that it and its exterior aspect conform in every respect to its designated purpose and its natural form.  Nothing is legitimate that does not form an organism, or a link between the various organisms.  No ornament can be permitted that is not organically absorbed."
Was ich will, 1901

"I wish to replace the old symbolic elements, which have lost their effectiveness for us today, with a new, imperishable beauty... in which ornament has no life of its own but depends on the forms and lines of the object itself, from which it receives its proper organic place."'
Was ich will, 1901

"I see ornament in architecture as having a dual function. On the one hand it offers support to the construction and draws attention to the means it employs; on the other... it brings life into a uniformly illuminated space by the interplay of light and shade."
Kunstgewerbliche Laienpredigten, 1902