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Non-Western Art

African Art & Aesthetics
African Internet resources relevant to museums/Les musées, l'Afrique et Internet
Gallery of Stone - Africa Calls - Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture
G. I. Jones -- Photographic Archive of S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture
Gondwana Fine African Art
Nok Museum - African Art
The Universal Black Pages: African & African-American Art
Yoruba and Akan Art in Wood and Metal
Art of China Homepage
The Art of Tibet
Art-Pacific and RimJournal
Asian Archaeology
Asian Art Connection
Asian Arts - Online Journal
Asian Reading Room
Asia Society
Exploring the Mandala
Iconography of Chinese Gardens
Mandalas on the Web
Tibetan Sand Painting Exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
Japanese Prints:
Chronology of Japan's Fine Atrs
A Guide to the Ukiyo-e Sites of the Internet
Japanese Art and Western influence
Japanese Wood-Cutting
Museum Information Japan
The Technique of the Color Wood-cut
Woodblock Printmaking
Ukiyo-e Museum (Japanese Prints)
The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Home Page
Arabic and Islamic Architecture -
DIA: Galleries: Ancient Art - Islamic Art
Historic Cities Support Programme (HCSP) - Aga Khan Trust for Culture
H-Islamart Discussion Network
Islamic Architecture in Isfahan
Islamic and Arabic arts and architecture
Islamic Patterns
Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
TEXTUAL & Visual Resources on Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism; Rotch Visual Collection, MIT
Rock Art Foundation

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