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Art History Course Materials Online

Boston College
Digital Archive of American Architecture (FA 267)- J. Howe
Digital Archive of European Architecture (FA 251)
Arts in American History, FA 364 / HS 238 - Lawson, Howe, and Hecht
FA 257 Modern Art: 19th Century - J. Howe
FA 302 Surrealism and the Arts - J. Howe & J. Michalczyk
FA 461 Frank Lloyd Wright
Other Universities
Arch 317 - Calpoly survey
Arch 319 Cal poly - 19th 20th
Art History 181B - Modern Architecture
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Society of Architectural Historians: Courseware
A Visual Text: History of Architecture Hypertext Catalog
Art 31--History of Western Art -- Dr. Dorothy Verkerk, UNC
Art History 243: Medieval Art II - D. Ehresmann, U. of Illinois
Art History 312: Romanesque and Gothic -- Penn state
Art History - Courses on the Web - University @ Buffalo
Art Images for College Teaching - variety of images from ancient to modern art
Celtic Art and Cultures - UNC Art 111 - Fall, 1998 -- Dr. Dorothy Verkerk, UNC
Eyes on Art - Art Education
FA 121 The History of Western Art since 1500 University of Southern California
History of Art Bibliography - Vincent Scully Yale University
Index of Art History Courses on the Web
Intro to Asian Art 0020 - Pittsburgh
Peter Bacon Hales - various course materials, U. of Illinois
Timelines! of Art History
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Art History - several courses
The World Lecture Hall Index of online courses.
Worlds of Art Course at Governor's State

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