ASHP Summer 2002 Project - Website Evaluations
Anderson Barrett Bregman Duket Epstein Martin Nelson O'Connor
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Principals in this project are searching for and evaluating web resources.  They are creating  lists of selected web sites. These are listed here by topic.  The categories are specific to what individuals select.  At some later point the entire list may be systematized,  but until then categories are not organized.   Within topic areas, the lists should prove very useful in restricting web searches to known and reliable resources.  The principals certify only that they have found these sites useful.  Many of the sites selected provide lists of their own that take one further into a topic area. A dynamic list maintained by the Bapst Art Library (Adeane Bregman, librarian) is a good model for such lists: art resources on the internet.

1.  Hypertext.

2.  Rembrandt.

3.  Surrealism

4. James Joyce