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Professor Werner Dannhauser will be having a lecture entitled, "Where There Is Smoke
There Is Fire
: The Case of Leo Strauss," on Friday, October 24. It will be at 4:00 p.m.
in the McGuinn Auditorium. Immediately following the lecture there will be a buffet supper and
discussion in the McElroy Faculty Dining Room. The discussant is
Professor Christopher Bruell.

The last lecture in the Religion and the Literature series by the English Department will be Paul Mariani, speaking
on God and the Imagination or Between the River and the Sound, on Wednesday, April 16, 2003,
in Gasson 305, at 4:30 p.m. All Invited. Paul Mariani, is an Endowed Professor of English at Boston College,
and the author of fourteen books and five books of poetry.

The next event in the Lowell/Humanities Lecture Series will be a poetry reading by Erica Funkhouser, who
teaches at MIT. The reading will take place this coming Thursday, April 10, at 7:30 p.m., in Devlin Hall 101.
At 4:30 p.m. you may wish to take part in a conversation with the poet in the McGuinn 5th Floor Lounge.
Poetry Days is the co-sponsor of Ms. Funkhouser's visit.

The next event in the Lowell/Humanities spring series will be a lecture by Mary Gordon, the author of five published
novels. Her lecture is entitled "The Appetite for the Absolute: A Reading of Dostoevsky, Post 9/11." The
lecture will take place this Wednesday, March 26 at 7:30 p.m., in Gasson 100.

The Lowell/Humanities spring series' next speaker will be Jill Conway, who will be giving a lecture entitled, "Memory,
Metaphor, and Language: How Do We Convey Our Past?" The lecture will be given Thursday, March 20, at
7:30 p.m., in Gasson 100. Ms. Conway was the feautred speaker at the dedication of the
O'Neill Library in 1984.

The Arts and Sciences Honors Program is encouraging one and all to attend a multi-media presentation by
Professor Pamela Berger of the Department of Fine Arts entitled Images of Paradise. The presentation will
be on Monday, March 24 at 7 p.m. in Gasson 112 (the Honors Program Library)

Dayton Haskin, a Professor of English at Boston College, will be giving a lecture called "Losing My Religion: What
Needs Revising in the Prevailing Theory of the Rise of English Studies
," on Wednesday, March 19, 2003, at
4:30 p.m., in Gasson 305.

The Lowell/Humanities Lecture Series presents Johnathan Lear, who will be giving a lecture called "The Therapeutic
Action of Psychoanalysis
," on Wednesday, March 12 in Devlin 101 at 7:30 p.m.

The Lowell/Humanities Lecture Series and the Department of Sociology presents Bell Hooks, who will be giving a lecture
called "Class Matters," on Wednesday, March 12 in Gasson 100 at 6 p.m.

On April 4th, the Boston College Dance Marathon Committee will be conducting a twelve-hour dance marathon entitled
"Groove is in the heart," to raise money to help support the children of Tanzania. It will be held in the
Irish Hall in Gasson 100.

Illinois Judge Sheila Murphy will be having a public lecture and discussion entitled, "An American
: Life On Death Row," on Wednesday, February 5th at 7 p.m. at the 5th Floor Lounge
in McGuinn Hall. On Thursday, February 6th at 6:30 p.m. in St. Mary's Chapel there will be
a Prayer For Life On Death Row by The Community of Sant'Egidio, who are also hosting the lecture.

Entity or Event? Thomas Aquinas's God

Friday, December 6, 4:00 p.m.: Boston College Bradley
Medieval Lecture Series talk by Fergus Kerr, (Randall Distinguished Professor of Christian Culture,
Providence College - Fall 2002 semester), "Entity or Event? Thomas Aquinas's God." McGuinn Auditorium, McGuinn 121.
There will be a free buffet supper and discussion following the lecture, in McElroy Faculty Dining Room.
Contact: Shirley Gee <>, 617-552-0438. Sponsored by the Boston College Institute
of Medieval Philosophy and Theology.

Peter Kreeft and Thomas Howard, will be hosting a lecture/Question and Answer session concerning
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings book series. It will be conducted on
Thursday, December 5, in Cushing 001 at 7 p.m. This session
is sponsored by the St. Thomas More Society.


Robert Orsi, the Charles Warren Professor of the History of Religion in America at Harvard University,
will be giving a lecture entitled "Recovering Catholic Childhoods: The History of Growing Up
American Catholic in the 20th Century." The lecture will take place
Thursday, November 21 in Gasson 100, at 7:30.

There will be a lecture held on Thursday, November 21st by Professor Robert Orsi of Harvard University
entitled "Recovering Catholic Childhoods: The History of Growing Up Catholic In the
20th Century," as part of the Church in the 21st Century Initiative. It will be at
7:30 p.m. in Higgins 300.

The Heinz Bluhm Memorial Lecture series will be presenting "Robert Frost Reading Virgil and Horace," by David Ferry,
a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Sophie Chantal Hart Professor Emeritus of English
at Wellesley College. The presentation will be on Monday, November 18,
at 4:30 p.m. in Devlin 101.

The sixth and final piece of Boston College's Irish Studies Department's "Dialogues in Nineteenth Century
Ireland," will be held on Monday, November 11, at 3 p.m. in Connolly House. The
keynote lecturer, Paige Reynolds of the College of the Holy Cross, will be lecturing
on "All Irish People: The Irish Audience at the Century's End,"
with a response by Philip O'Leary of the Irish Studies Department.

The next event in the Lowell/Humanities Lecture Series will be a lecture by Clara Claiborne Park entitled,
"Ability/Disability: Jessy Reaches Her Forties." Jessy is Clara Park's gifted daughter who is also autistic.
Ms. Park has written two books about Jessy's illness and, in the second, about the growth of her remarkable artistic
talent. A number of Jessy's paintings, which present the ordinary world "with the rainbow colors of Nirvana," will be
on display during and after Ms. Park's presentation. The lecture will take place
Thursday, November 7, at 7:30 p.m. in Gasson 100.

Honors Professor John Michalczyk will be giving a lecture entitled
"From Darwin to the Reich: Nazi Medicine,"
at 7 p.m. in Devlin 026 on Wednesday, November 6.

Professor Michael Alexander of the University of Saint Andrews will be giving a lecture entitled,
"Romantic Medievalism: A Dim Religious Light?" he will be introduced by Christopher Ricks.
The lecture is to be held on Monday, November 4 at 7:30 p.m. in Higgins 300.

The Italian Studies Program of Boston College will be presenting a slide presentation (in English) entitled Art in Tuscany:
Itineraries in Search of Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, and Michelangelo, by Mario Carniani, president, Associazione
Guide Turistiche Autorizzate, ÔCentro Guide Turismo, Õ Florence. The presentation will be held
Monday, November 4 in McGuinn 121, at 7 p.m.

The fifth piece of Boston College's Irish Studies Department's "Dialogues in Nineteenth Century
Ireland," will be held on Monday, November 4, at 3 p.m. in Connolly House. The
keynote lecturer, Eileen Reilly of New York University, will be lecturing
on "Politics and Polemic in the Irish Novel 1880-1914,"
with a response by Perry Curtis of Brown University.

Faith and Theology: Chasing the Wind ('Eccl.' 1.17)
Friday, November 1, 4:00 p.m.: Boston College Bradley
Medieval Lecture Series talk by James F. Ross, (University of Pennsylvania), "Faith and Theology:
Chasing the Wind ('Eccl.' 1.17)." Cushing Auditorium, Cushing 001. There will be a free buffet supper
and discussion following the lecture, in McElroy Faculty Dining Room. Contact: Shirley Gee <>,
617-552-0438. Sponsored by the Boston College Institute of Medieval Philosophy and Theology.

There will be a lecture held on Wednesday, October 30th by Gary Willis entitled "Being Catholic," as part
of the Church in the 21st Century Initiative. It will be at 7 p.m. in Gasson 100.

The fourth piece of Boston College's Irish Studies Department's "Dialogues in Nineteenth Century
Ireland," will be held on Monday, October 28, at 3 p.m. in Connolly House. The
keynote lecturer, Kate Costello-Sullivan of the Irish Studies Department, will be lecturing
on "Regional Realism in the Nineteenth Century Irish Novel,"
with a response by Vera Kreilkamp of Pine Manor College.

Dr. James W. Carey, Professor of Journalism at Columbia University, will deliver a lecture entitled,
Globalization, Democracy, and Free Communication: Can We Have All Three? on Monday, October 21,
at 6:30 p.m. in the Shea Function Room of Conte Forum. Lecture hosted by
the Communications Department.

Jesuit Theater in the Aegean

A lecture by Prof. Walter Puchner, Head of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens,
Greece and Senior Visiting Scholar of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (USA).
Sponsors: Department of Classical Studies, Jesuit Institute, Honors Program. Reception to follow the lecture.
For further information call the Department of Classical Studies at 617-552-3661.

Thurs. Oct. 17, 4:30 p.m. Gasson Hall 100

Raymond Offenheiser, the President of Oxfam-America, the highly respected international
human rights and grassroots development organization, will be the featured speaker at this year’s first session
of the Globalization and Inequality Discussion Series on Tuesday, October 15, at 4:30 PM
in Devlin 008. Mr. Offenheiser has served as President of Oxfam America since 1995. Prior to that,
he worked for the Ford Foundation in Bangladesh and in South America and at the Inter-American Foundation
in both Brazil and Colombia. He is an advisor to many international organizations and a member of the
Council on Foreign Relations. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and holds
a masters degree in Development Sociology from Cornell University.

The third piece of Boston College's Irish Studies Department's "Dialogues in Nineteenth Century
Ireland," will be held on Monday, October 7, at 3 p.m. in Connolly House. The
keynote lecturer, Claire Connolly of Cardiff University, will be lecturing
on "Sectarian Fictions? Religion and Irish Romanticism,"
with a response by Alan Richardson of the BC English Department.

Lisa St. John Moore and Martin Bresnick will be performing "A Visual Concert,"
consisting of two audio-visual productions on Monday, September 30,
in Gasson Hall 100 at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.

The second piece of Boston College's Irish Studies Department's "Dialogues in Nineteenth Century
Ireland," will be held on Monday, September 30, at 3 p.m. in Connolly House. The
keynote lecturer, Burns Scholar Margaret Kelleher, will be lecturing
on "Cabinets and Household Libraries: Nineteenth-Century Literary Anthologies,"
with a response by Kevin O'Neill of the Irish Studies Department.

Political Song in Modern Irish History
The Center for Irish Programs presents Professor John A. Murphy, National University of Ireland,
Cork, in a lecture which will trace the the influence of Irish political song to the present day
on Thursday, September 26, from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the John J. Burns Library.

Corporate Credibility Gap Dialogue
Marjorie Kelly, author of The Divine Right of Capital: Dethroning the Corporate Aristocracy,
and Charles Derber, author of People Before Profit: The New Globalization in an Age of Terror,
Big Money and Economic Crisis will address corporate scandals and accountability
on Thursday, September 26 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the McElroy Conference Room, 2nd Floor.
Call (617) 552-2044.

Dr. Leon Golub of Harvard University, will be giving a lecture entitled, "From Space to Space-time:
Cosmology from Aristotle to the Inflationary Universe," Wednesday, September 25
in Gasson 112 at 7 p.m.

SR Miriam Winter, MMS, will be giving the Edith Preusse Memorial Lecture, "Out of the Depths:
The Story of Ludmila Javarova, Ordained A Catholic Priest in Czechoslovakia in 1970,"
Tuesday, September 24th, in Gasson Hall 100 at 4:30 p.m.

Rick Wilson will be lecturing on "Tradition and Innovation in 20th Century Music" in Gasson 112
on Tuesday, September 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Norris Clark, S.J. will be having a lecture and discussion entitled, "The Metaphysics of Religious Art,"
on Thursday, September 19, at 7 p.m. in Devlin 008.

An Evening with Slavoj Zizek
The Lowell Lecture Series and Journal of Religion and the Arts present Slavoj Zizek,
senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, on
Thursday, September 19, at 7:30 p.m. in Gasson 100. Call 617-552-3705.

Church in the 21st Century
The initiative's opening event From Crisis to Renewal: The Task Ahead will feature
University President William P. Leahy, S.J., and Kenneth Woodward, religion editor, Newsweek,
on Wednesday, September 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the Robsham Theater.

Former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart will present "Restoration of the Republic:
The Jeffersonian Ideal in 21st-Century America" on Wednesday, September 18,
at 4:15 p.m. in Gasson 305.

Christina Sevilla, Director for Intergovernmental Affairs
in the Office of the US Trade Representative
will be visiting Boston College next Friday, April 26. She will speak on
 “America's International Trade Agenda: What's at Stake?
at 12pm (noon) in Gasson 305

"The Sacred and the Secular: Grotesque Modes in the Medieval Greek Novel,"
with Panagiotis Roilos, Harvard University,
Wednesday, April 24th at 4:30 p.m., Gasson 305.

"Commonality within Diverse Buddhist Traditions,"
by Joseph Goldstein,
Tuedsay, April 23rd, 7:30 p.m., Higgins 300.
Sponsored by theTheology Department.

"Transmission of Traditional Irish Music," with traditional Irish
fiddle player Brendan Bulger who will both lecture and perform,
Tuesday, April 23rd, 6:30 p.m., Connolly House.
Sponsored by the Irish Studies Program.

April 22, 2002 at 6:00 PM in Devlin 010
Professor Kevin Harrison
Department of Geology and Geophysics, Boston College

Is the Earth’s temperature really rising? If so, by how much and why? Are
humans performing a massive experiment on the Earth? Professor Harrison will
discuss the available scientific evidence and will help you make informed
judgements about the science and politics of global warming.

April 22, 2002
Dante's Inferno - Canto XV
 7:30PM  IN DEVLIN 101

"Defining Irish American in the Late 20th Century: New York City, 1945-1995,"
with Linda Dowling Alemida, New York University,
April 22nd, Monday, at 4 p.m., in
Connolly House. Sponsor: Irish Studies Program.

We are delighted to announce that Father Kenneth Himes, OFM, Professor
      at Washington Theological Union, will be the featured speaker at this
      academic year’s final session of the Globalization and Inequality
      Discussion Series on Thursday, April 18th at 4:30 PM in Devlin 008.

Father Himes who is the past President of the Catholic Theological
      Society of America will speak on Globalization and Inequality: Catholic
      Perspectives. His brother, Father Michael Himes, will respond.

Father Kenneth Himes specializes in Moral Theology, Social Ethics
and Catholic Social Teaching. He is the author of several books including the
      recently released Response to 101 Questions About Catholic Social
      Teaching. Father Michael Himes is a highly respected professor of
      theology at Boston College. In addition to many individual publications,
      Father Kenneth Himes and Father Michael Himes wrote Fullness of Faith:
      The Public Significance of Theology.

Blake Eskin, author of  "A Life in Pieces: The Making and Unmaking of Binjamin Wilkomirski,"
makes a presentation Tuesday, April 16th at 4:30 p.m. in Gasson 206.

Authors Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe read from
Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet,
April 12th, 2 p.m., McGuinn 5th Floor Lounge.
Sponsored by the Sociology Department.

Timothy Muldoon, '92 presents "Why Young Adults Need  Ignatian Spirituality"
April 11, 7:30 p.m. in Devlin 008.
Part of Ignatian Awareness Week

Melville, Our Contemporary
Andrew Delbanco, Clarence Levi Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University
Gasson Hall 305 April, 11th, 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Professor Andrew Delbanco, whom Time Magazine recently named as "America’s Best Social Critic" will be speaking in an evening lecture co-sponsored with the Lowell Lectures in the Humanities. His topic will be the work of Herman Melville and the moral and religious questions that are raised in his work.

"'The Briton and The Celt are Gathering Side by Side...': English  Radicalism and Irish Nationalism 1798-1848,"
with Sean Ryder, National University of Ireland,
April 11th Galway, 3 p.m., Connolly House.
Sponsored by the Irish Studies Program.

"Luminous Silence of the Spiritual Exercises,"
with Prof. Paul  Mariani,
April 10th, 7:30 p.m., Cushing 001. Sponsored by the Jesuit Institute.

Intellectual History of the Enlightenment in an Atlantic Perpective.
a lecture by
Prof. Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

History, SUNY-Buffalo Fellow, Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, Harvard University

Double Prize-Winning Author for Outstanding Book in Atlantic, Spanish,and Latin-American History, American Historical Association 2001, How to Write the History of the New World. The book will be available for purchase at the lecture.

McGuinn Fifth Floor Lounge
Tuesday, 9 April, 5:15 PM

Sponsored by Latin American Studies, History, Romance Languages and Literatures, and the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

"The Supernaturalized Landscape in the 19th Century,"
with Sean Ryder, National University of Ireland, Galway,
April 9th, 4 p.m., Connolly House. Sponsored by the Irish Studies Program.

Whose Centers and Whose Peripheries? Intellectual History of the Enlightenment in an Atlantic Perspective

Jorge Cañizares Esguerra from SUNY-Buffalo, author of the award-winning book, How to Write the History of the New World: Histories, Epistemologies, and Identities in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World (Stanford University Press,
2001), will speak on Tuesday, April 9, at 5:15 p.m. in McGuinn Fifth Floor Lounge. Sponsored by Latin American Studies, the History Department, and the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.

Prof. Ann Burgess (CSON), an expert in the treatment of victims of abuse and trauma, will present the Connell School of
Nursing's A. Daniel Rubenstein Lecture in Gerontology on Tuesday, April 9, in Gasson 100.
"Elder Mistreatment and Forensic Issues,"
at 5 p.m., following a 4 p.m. reception

The event is free and open to the public, but those interested in attending
should contact CSON at ext.2-2230 by Friday, April 5.

Burgess' research is currently focused on elder abuse in nursing homes, cyberstalking, and Internet sex crimes. She is conducting a National Institute of Justice-sponsored study on forensic markers in elder sexual abuse.

April 8, 2002 at 4:30 PM in Devlin 010
Professor Jack Oliver
Department of Geological Sciences, Cornell University

In the 1960’s, a new theory called Plate Tectonics was established as the
accepted model of how the Earth works. Jack Oliver, Professor Emeritus at
Cornell and one of the early architects of this model, will discuss how he
and his colleagues discovered how earthquakes are an important component of
this new "theory of the Earth."

Devestation and Destruction in Iraq: Discussion of U.N. Sanctions
Scott Ritter, U.N. Arms Inspection and Simon Harak, Pacifist Jesuit
Monday April 8th
McGuinn 121 7:30 p.m.
"More than one million Iraqis have died 567,000 of them children - as a consequence of economic sanctions... As many as 12% of the children surveyed in Baghdad are wasted, 28% stunted and 29% underweight."  --UN FAO December 1995.
Sponsored by SASA, UGBC Cabinet, UGBC Senate, ALC, Campus Ministry, MSA, Father Appleyard, and Global Justice Project
?'s - call 6-4517

Gangs in Guatemala
Deborah Levenson, professor in the History Department at Boston College, will present her research on perceptions and
realities of youth gangs in Guatemala City. This is the fourth in our series of research presentations by BC faculty for the
Minors in Latin American Studies. All members of the community are welcome. A dinner for Minors in Latin American
Studies will precede the seminar. Monday, April 8, 7:00 p.m., ADC Classroom, O'Neill 200.

Saturday, April 6 - 2:00-4:00pm Cushing 001

Human Rights Experts will discuss War Crimes, Forensic Science, & International Justice

Samantha Power, Exectutive Director of the Carr Center for Human rights Policy at the Kennedy school of Government, Harvard University, Author of Problem from Hell
Susannah Sirkin, Deputy director, Physicians for human rights
Anne-marie Slaughter, Professor of international, foreign, and comparative law at Harvard Law School

Treasury Talk
One of the nation's leading economic policymakers,
Assistant US Treasury Secretary for Economic Policy Richard Clarida,
will offer a lecture Friday, April 5 at 2 p.m. in Merkert 127.

Friday, April 5 - 7:00-9:00pm Devlin 101

 Writing the Siege of Sarajevo: Poetry and Prose on the  Bosnian War and Its Aftermath

Muharem Bazdulji, Sarajevo, author of One Like a Song
Christopher Merrill, Director, International Writing Program, University of Iowa, author of Only the Nails Remain
Dubravka Ugresic, Amsterdam, author of Culture of Lies
Fahrudin Zilkic

Surrealism from Europe to America: The Birth of a Modern Myth
Lecture by Didier Ottinger

Didier Ottinger is chief curator atthe National Museum of Modern Art (Pompidou Center) in Paris. He is the author of several books,  notably a catalogue raisonne of Marcel Duchamp and "Surrealism and Modern Mythology," published in French this month by Gallimard.

Thrusday, April 4th, 4:30 Devlin 101

"A 'Going My Way' With Substance: John M. Corridan, S.J. and the Making of 'On The Waterfront'"
by James T. Fisher
The Academy Award winning 1954 film 'On the Waterfront' was inspired by the work of Jesuit labor priest John M. Corridan, associate director of the Xavier Labor School in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.
Wednesday, April 3
4:30 p.m.
Gasson Hall 305
This event is sponsored by American Studies, Religion and the Arts, and the History Department.
more information

Boston College faculty, staff and students are invited to attend a panel discussion:
"Pedophilia: A Current Crisis in the Church," on Wednesday, April 3, at 7 p.m. in Cushing 001.

Monan Professor of Theology Lisa Sowle Cahill will moderate the event, which is sponsored the Office of Campus
Ministry, Theology Department and Jesuit Institute.

Panel speakers will include Graduate School of Social Work Dean Alberto Godenzi, a member of an Archdiocese of
Boston task force on the prevention of child sexual abuse; Assoc. Prof. Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM (Theology), director
of the Institute for Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry; Prof. Ann Burgess (CSON), an expert on the treatment
of victims of abuse and trauma; and Rev. Robert W. Bullock, pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Sharon.

What is the Prophetic Role of the Catholic Church in American Society Today?
featuring Bryan Hehir, President of Catholic Charities USA and sponsored by the Boisi Center for Religion and Public Life
April 1, 2002 * 7:30 * Gasson 100

"Mothers and Virgins: Sinead O'Connor, Neil Jordan and the Butcher Boy," with Elizabeth Butler Cullingford,
Monday, March 25th, 5 p.m., Connolly House.
Sponsor: Irish Studies Film Series. Call ext.2-3938 or see

"Reason, Freedom and Democracy in Islam,"
with Abdolkarim Soroush, Harvard University,
Monday March 25th, 7:30 p.m., McGuinn 121.
Sponsor: Boisi Center
for Religion and American Public Life. Call ext.2-1860.

Religion and the Arts
presents PETER MILWARD, S. J.
  Higgins 310
Monday March 25, 2002 4:30 p.m.
Reception Following. All Invited.

        For information, Tel. Religion and the Arts, 617 552 3729, Web page:

  Peter Milward, S.J.. is an English Jesuit who has taught for over forty years in Japan. He is a major authority on
 the subject of Shakespeare and Religion, and is often cited for his book, Shakespeare's Religious Backgrounds. He is
  the author of hundreds of other works, including the important research volumes, Religious Controversies of the
  Elizabethan Age (and Jacobean Age). He is also a great cultural ambassador between the English and Japanese worlds. A special collection of his works has been assembled at Burns Rare Book Library, with a display case in O'Neill Library.

Neutral Territory: Henry James and Marguerite Duras
A lecture on "The Beast in the Jungle" and "La Maladie de la Mort"
Neil Hertz
Thursday March 21st, 4:30 p.m., Fulton 511
Reception to follow
questions?  call Dayton Haskin 2-3706

Thursday, March 21 at 4:30 p.m. in Devlin 008
        Is the Mouse Taking Over the World? Gender and Culture in the Global Economy
        Lecture by Professor Juliet Schor, Sociology Department

Thursday, March 21st, at 7:30pm in Cushing 001,
the St. Thomas More Society will be hosting its next speaker,
Professor Emeritus Norris Clarke, S.J., on the topic of
   CREATIVE IMAGINATION: Body's Gift to Spirit
Fr. Clarke argues that our bodies give us a unique way of knowing, and
his lecture will explore the nature and implications of that gift.
 Prof. Richard Kearney of the Philosophy Dept. will introduce Fr. Clarke
and host the discussion that follows.

Fr. Himes
An introduction to Dante's Divina Commedia
Wednesday March 20th; 7:00 p.m.
Gasson 112

"Between Renaissance and Baroque: Jesuit Art in Rome, 1564 - 1610,"
presented by Jesuit Institute Visiting Scholar Gauvin Bailey,
March 20th, 7:30 p.m., Cushing 001.
Call ext2-8290. Sponsor: Jesuit Institute.

 All Politics Are Local, Most Economic Crises Are Local: Lessons from the Lower Latitudes

Paul McNelis, S.J., Professor of Economics at Georgetown and this year's visiting Gasson Professor at Boston College, presents the annual Gasson Lecture. The event is co-sponsored by Latin American Studies. March 19th, 4:30 p.m., McGuinn 121.
Areception will follow the lecture.

Tuesday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Heights Room, Judy Shepard will speak on
"The Legacy of Matthew Shepard" and hate crimes in the United States."
Seating is limited, and free tickets are available at the McElroy ticket booth.

 From Salvador to September 11: Reflections on US Foreign Policy Representative

Jim McGovern is serving his third term as a Member of the United States House of Representatives.

In the days after the attacks of September 11, McGovern was one of the few
Members of Congress to ask whether there are any limits to what can be
justified in a war against terrorism.  In fact, McGovern has a long history
of asking uncomfortable questions. Ten years ago, he was a driving force
behind the Congressional investigation of the murders of faculty and staff
of the Jesuit university in San Salvador by uniformed troops of the
US-backed regime.

The talent anddedication which McGovern brought to the Speaker's Task Force on Central America -- the Moakley Commission -- contributed in no small measure to the achievement of the 1992 Peace Accords in El Salvador. Congressman McGovern will discuss contemporary US foreign policy in the light of lessons learned in Central America.
Monday, March 18, 4:30 p.m., in Cushing 001.

Nobel Laureate John Hume will visit the Boston College campus on Thursday, March 14. He will speak at Connolly House at 1:30 p.m.

Hume is expected to discuss events since the 1972 "Bloody Sunday" riot in his native Londonderry.
The film "Sunday" is a reconstruction of the incident, in which British troops opened fire during a civil rights march, killing 13 people. "Sunday" is beingshown as part of the third annual Irish Film Series.

For more information about Hume's visit and the film series, visit the Irish Studies Program World Wide Web site or call the office at ext. 2-3938.

"Physica More Geometrico Demonstrata: Proculus and Aristotle on Motion, "
with Dmitri Nikulin,
Thursday, March 14th, 7:30 p.m., Gasson 305.
Sponsor: Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy.

The second talk is sponsored by the Philosophy, Poetry and Religion
Seminar of the Harvard Humanities Center.

Poetry and Mystical Apophasis in the Islamic Tradition

Michael Sells
Haverford University

Thursday, March 14
7:00 P.M.   Room 110    Barker Center

Harvard University
12 Quincy St. (where Quincy St., Harvard St. and Mass Ave converge near
the Harvard Book Store) Cambridge, MA. 02138 617-495-0738
Free parking available at the Broadway St. Garage

The Struggle for the Soul of Islam:
Inclusive and Exclusive Tendencies in the Wake of Sept 11

by Michael Sells, Emily Baugh and John
Marshall Gest Professor of Comparative Religions at Haverford College

Wed. March 13, 7:30 pm
Devlin 008
Boston College

Will the post-9/11 "war on terror" turn into a war between Islam and  the West? Is there a "clash of civilizations" that makes conflict and war inevitable? These questions are being raised both within Islam and in public debate in the West about Islam. This talk will examine the emergence of radically militant expressions of Islam, such as the Taliban, and the role played by Western policy. It will also illuminate the vast world of Islamic culture and humanity that has been hidden behind the politicized face of the religion. Rather than take easy positions on whether Islam is a religion of violence or peace, it will discuss "what went wrong" not only in Islam but in the West as well, and also "what is right" in the West and in Islam, and what the two civilizations have to offer one another. Whether or not the "clash of civilizations" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy depends, in part, on our understanding of these questions and our response to them.

 Bernal Díaz del Castillo and the Writing of History

Sarah H. Beckjord, professor in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Boston College, will discuss thesixteenth century conquistador Bernal Díaz del Castillo and the narrative strategies that have made his Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva España one of the most read works of the Hispanic tradition. This is the third in our series of research presentations by BC faculty for the Minors in Latin American Studies. All members of the community are welcome.

Wednesday, March 13, 4:30 p.m., ADC Classroom,
O'Neill 200.

 What We Don't Know Does Hurt Them: Life on the US/Mexico Border

Jerry Gill, from BorderLinks, and Meghan McGoldrick '03, who spent the fall semester
in Tucson and Nogales, will speakabout life on the border between Mexico and the United States.
Tuesday, March 12, 7:00 p.m., Devlin 218.

"Accurate Reporting in the Middle East"
         Alex Safian, Assitant Director and Director of Research, CAMERA
         (Committee for Accurate Middle Eastern Reporting in America)

       March 12, 2002; Boston College, Fulton Hall 111; 7:30pm

         Sponsored by: BC Hillel; and BC Communication Department

Dorothy Smith, of the University of Toronto, University of Victoria, and BC will present

Voice, Standpoint, and Power

Tuesday, March 12th 6:00 pm in Higgins 300
as part of the Sociology Department's Visiting Scholar Seminar Series
Feminist Thought in the Early 21st Century

Come hear Gina Coplon-Newfield from The US Campaign to Ban Landmines
        talk about the landmines, their devastating effects, and what we can do to help.
How much do you know about landmines in Afganistan?

        Tuesday, March 12th  -- Tues after Spring Break
        8pm in Devlin 010

        Sponsored by Amnesty International.

"Fredrich Spee's Cautio Criminalis: Witch Trials and the Other Side of Jesuit Casuistry,"
with Marcus Hellyer,
Tuesday, March 12th, 7 p.m., Higgins 310.
Call ext.2-8290. Sponsor: Jesuit Institute.

"Camera Clergy," with Sunniva O'Flynn, Curator, Irish Film Centre,
Monday, March 11th, 6:30 p.m. Devlin 001.
Sponsor: Irish Film Series.
Call ext.2-3938 or

"Dante: Inferno XIII," with Robert Pinsky
Monday, March 11th, 7:30 p.m., Higgins 300.
Sponsor: Lowell Lecture Humanities Series.

The Center for Ignatian Spirituality presents
Finding Meaning/Making Life Decisions
A Lecture Series Sponsored by the Lilly Foundation Vocation Project

March 1st, 8pm in Gasson 305
Bishop Kenneth Untener
Service within/for the Church

March15th, 8pm in Gasson 305
Mark Schwehn
The Academic Community and Student Formation/Development

March 29th, 3pm in Gasson 305
James Fowler
Undergraduate Psychological Development and Growth

April 12th, 8pm in Gasson 305
Claudette and PJ McDonald
Marriage and the Family

for more information please click here
Lowell Lecture Humanities Series.
"The Story of American Freedom,"
with Eric Foner,
Thursday, February 28th, 7 p.m., Gasson 100

Irish Studies Program sponsors:
"Scrap my Wretched Identity: The Aesthetics of Neutrality,"  with
Clair Wills, University of London, 1:30 p.m., Connolly House.
Tuesday, February 26th

"Belfast, A Society in Transition: Some Reflections on Northern Ireland,"
with Margaret Ward, Connolly House, 3 p.m.
Wednesday, February 27th

The Boston College Eating Awareness Team presents:
"Body Image Across the Color Line"
This forum focuses on self-esteem in AHANA and non-AHANA
females in relation to the impact of culture and race on eating.
Open Discussion
Monday, February 25th, 7:30 pm
Higgins 300

"Body Politics: Gender, Culture & Eating Disorders"
Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair
An eminent psychologist explores the consequences of compulsive
exercise, purging, and chronic dieting within a political context.
Wednesday, February 27th, 7 pm
McGuinn 121

The Sociology Department's Spring Visiting Scholar Series:
 Sandra Harding, professor of education and women's studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, will present
"Feminist Standpoint Theory as a Site of Political and Intellectual Struggle."
February 25th, 6-8 p.m. in Devlin 101

 Dorothy E. Smith, adjunct professor of sociology at the Ontario Institute
for Studies in Education at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, will present:
"Voice, Standpoint, and Power."
Her lecture will be on March 12th from
6-8 p.m. in Higgins 300.

Globalization as Seen from the Southern Hemisphere
A Panel Discussion Between BC Graduates
Thursday, February 21st
4:30pm in Fulton 511

Sebastian Lockwood
dramatic reading based on the Robert Fitzgerald translation

The Odyssey Series
Sundays 4 - 6pm at AllAsia, 334 Mass Ave, opposite MIT Museum
February 17th
Book V              Sweet Nymph and the Open Sea
Book VI              The Princess and the River
Book VII                 Gardens and Firelight
February 24th
Book VIII              The Songs of the Harper
Book IX                   New Coasts and Poseidonís Son
March 17th
Book X              The Grace of the Witch
Book XI               A Gathering of Shades
Book XII                Sea Perils and Defeat
March 31st
Book XIII              One More Strange Island
Book XIV                 Hospitality in the Forest
Book XV                     How They Came to Ithaka
April 14th
Book XVI                 Father and Son
Book XVII                   The Beggar at the Manor
Book XVIII                     Blows and a Queenís Beauty
Book XIX                          Recognition and a Dream
April 28th
Book XX              Signs and a Vision
Book XXI               The Test of the Bow
Book XXII                  Death in the Great Hall
Book XXIII                    The Trunk of the Olive Tree
Book XXIV                          Warriors, Farewell

Lectura Dantis

         March 25 Canto 14 Andrea dÕAmore Devlin 101
         (Harvard University)

         April 22 Canto 15 Franco Mormando Devlin 101
         (Boston College)

         May 6 Canto 16 Barbara Lloyd Devlin 101
         (Circolo Italiano)

Wednesday, February 20
Father Raymond Helmick
"How do we get to peace now?"
7 p.m.
Devlin 008
BC Hillel  and Honors Program sponsors

Humanities/Lowell Lecture Series:
 former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky
Our readings of the Divine Comedy will resume on Monday, March 11, when former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky will present
         Canto XIII. Our procedure has been to read the Canto in Italian, discuss it in English, then to open the discussion of the Canto
         to all who are present. We will provide you with a bilingual text of the Canto. A reception will follow.

         Please note that the reading by Robert Pinsky will be held in Higgins 300, which is located on the middle campus.
Lectura Dantis

Humanities/Lowell Lecture Series:
David Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, reads from his works.

Thursday, February 14, Gasson 100. 7:30 p.m.
For information, call 617-552-3705.

Women and Globalization: The Dangers of Excluding and the Rewards of Including Women in Decision Making on All Levels - Afganistan a Case in Point
Presented by Theresa Loar as part of the Golbalization and Inequality Series
To be aired on BC Cable
12 pm and 8pm February 12-17

Professors Matilda Bruckner, Ourida Mostefai and Kevin Newmark
of the Romance Languages Department read
Surrealist poems and prose in French and English translation.

Friday, February 8, McMullen Museum of Art. 3 p.m.
For information, call 617-552-8100.

Professor Mark O'Conner
Lecture entitled
The Rage of the Medusa

Wednesday, February  6, Jenks Honors Library

The Department of Communication and Boston College Eating Awareness Team presents:
"Fusing Art, Mass Media, and Social Conscience:  Developing an Effective Mass Media Campaign"
Kathryn Sylva and Robin lasser

These internationally exhibited creative artists speak on the evolution of their widely acclaimed multi-media campaign combining social responsibility, advertising, and public art.

Tuesday, February 5th, 7:30 p.m. Fulton 511

André Masson's Picture Politics
Lecture by Professor Laurie Monahan. University of California, Santa Barbara.

Thursday, January 27, Devlin Auditorium. 2 p.m.

           Prof. Ali Banuazizi, Psychology
           Reflections on Political Islam after
           September 11

          January 23, 2002
           12:00 PM to 01:30 PM  Boisi Center, 24 Quincy Road

The Center for International Partnerships and Programs presents a

"School Violence in Israel"
Visiting Scholar Anat Zeira
Hebrew University's School of Social Work

Thursday, November 8, 2001
12:00 P.M. Luncheon Seminar
McGuinn 3rd Floor Lounge

"The Economy and the Common Good," with Jesuit Institute Visiting
Fellow Patrick Riordan, SJ,
Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin,

Thursday, November 8, 7 p.m., Higgins 310. Sponsor: Jesuit Institute.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stephen Dunn reads from his book
Different Hours: Poems,

Thursday, November 8, 7:30 p.m., Gasson 100. Call ext.2-3708.
Sponsor: Lowell Lecture Humanities Series.

Lost and Found: The Bible's literary afterlife
professor peter hawkins
Professor of REligion and director of luce program of scripture and literary arts
boston university

wednesday, november 7, 4:30, Higgins Hall, Room 300

"What Happened to the Ivory Tower? University and Society at the
Beginning of the 21st Century,"
with Henry Rosovsky, Harvard University,

November 1, 4:30 p.m., Heights Room, Lower Campus Dining Hall.

Sponsors: Office of the Monan Chair in Higher Education, Lynch
School of Education.

"Abraham and Ulysses: Christians and Neoplatonic Eschatology,"  with
Carlos Steel of Catholic University, Leuven,

Friday, October 26, 4 p.m., Cushing 001.
SponsorInstitute of Medieval Philosophy and Theology. Call ext.

Friedrich Spee’s Cautio Criminals: Witch Trials and the Other Side of Jesuit Casuistry
sponsored by the Jesuit Institute

October 23, 2001
Higgins Hall 310

William Beare Hall
International Liaison Officer for North America
London School of Economics

will speak with interested students

Thursday, October 18, 2 PM, Hovey House Library

Jim Forest
Praying with Icons: The Orthodox Contemplative Tradition and the
Use of Icons

October 17, 7:30 pm, Cushing 001

"The Cathedral of Florence and its Piazza," by Msgr. Timothy Verdon.
Msgr. Verdon is an internationally recognized expert in his field, Canon
         of the Cathedral of Florence, Member of the Board of Directors of the Opera del Duomo, Visiting Professor of Art History at Stanford
         University Florence Center, and Consultant to the Vatican Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church.
Monday, Sept. 24, 2001
Higgins 300, at 8 p.m. Higgins

"Beyond Religion: Learning Tillich's Lesson,"
with S. Mark Heim, Andover Newton Theological School,
Tuesday, April 24, 7 p.m., Higgins 310.
Sponsor: Jesuit Institute.

"In the Land of Youth:"  Writings for Children from James Joyce to Roddy Doyle
Patricia Donlon, Ph.D.
2000-2001 Visiting Burns Scholar in Irish Studies
Former Director of National Library of Ireland

Sunday, April 22, 2 PM, John J. Burns Library
sponsored by Burns Library and the Irish Studies Program
reception to follow

"Religion, Class and Politics in the United States,"
with Seymour Martin Lipset, George Mason University School of Public Policy,
Thursday, April 19, 7:30-9:30 p.m., McGuinn Fifth Floor Lounge.
Sponsors: Templeton Lecture Series, Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life.

"Where Is the God of Justice? A Question for Jewish/Christian Relations,"
with Jesuit Institute Visiting Fellow Michael Cook, SJ,

Wednesday, April 18, 7 p.m., Higgins 310.
Sponsor: Jesuit Institute.

"Transnational Feminism: Mapping a Discipline/Mapping a Movement"
with Jacqui Alexander, Connecticut College
Tuesday, April 17, 7-9 p.m., location TBA.
Sponsor: Sociology Department.

"The Patten Experience," with former Patten Commission member
Kathleen O'Toole, '76,
Tuesday, April 10, 9 a.m., Devlin 026.
Sponsor: Irish Studies Program.

Author Colm Tobin reads from his latest novel,
The Blackwater Lightship
Monday, April 9, 3-7 p.m., Connolly House.
Sponsor: Irish Studies Program.

John Edgar Wideman reads from his works,
Thursday, April 5, 7:30 p.m., Gasson 100.
Sponsor: Lowell Lecture Humanities Series.

Crossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics
Jay Demerath
    Sociology, UMass Amherst
     Tuesday, April 3, Boisi Center, 24 Quincy Road, 12-1:15 PM

Black Religion, Politics, and Gender: An Exploration of the National Baptist Convention
Aldon Morris, Northwestern University

Thursday, March 29, 7-9 PM, Gasson 305

Open House on Cuba's Social Policy
reports, discussions, exhibits, video

Thursday, March 29, 6:30 PM, Fulton Hall 511
refreshments served

The Lustre of Our Country: Why Religious Freedom is Foundational for Country and Church
The Honorable John T. Noonan
US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit
Templeton Lecture Series

March 22, 7:30-9:30, Gasson 305

Roundtable discussion of president bush's proposal on
faith based initiatives

Panelists: Barney Frank (US Congressman)
Charles Glenn (BU)
Wendy Kaminar (The Radcliffe Institute)
Dennis Shirley (THe Lynch SChool of Education)

March 19, 7:30 PM, DEVLIN 101
sponsored by the Boisi Center

Yusef Komunyakaa: poet, essayist, co-editor of 2 anthologies of jazz poetry, reads from his work

Thursday, March 15, Devlin 101, 7:30 PM.
call 552-4843

Family, Children, and Politics: Understanding Gender Differences in participation
Prof. Kay Scholzman (political science) and sidney verba, harvard university

Tuesday, February 26, noon - 1:15 Pm, boisi center

Explaining Catholicism: Women and the Catholic Church
Asst. Prof. Moira Walsh (Philosophy)

Monday, February 26, 4 PM, Stuart 409


The Divine Reversal: Lonergan, The Intergral Post Modern?

Frederick Lawrence, Professor of Theology

Thursday, February 24, 7 PM in Gasson 305

Should We Have Faith in the Churches? The 10 Point Coalition's Effect on Boston Youth Violence
Christopher Winship, Sociology, Harvard University

February 22, 12:30-1:45, Boisi Center, 24 Quincy Road

Career Risk: Personal Perspectives of an International Money Manager

Jaidev Iyer, Citicorp
Wednesday, February 21, 5:30 PM, Fulton 511
Sponsors: Giants of Finance Series, India Club

Economics and ethics: keynes on the purpose of economic activity and the justice of economic exchanges

lord robert skidelsky

Tuesday, February 20, gasson 305, 7:30 PM

sponsors: London School of economics templeton lecture series,
boisi center for religion and american public life

On Beauty and Social Justice
Elaine Scarry, Harvard University

Thursday, February 15, Gasson 100, 7:30 PM

sponsor: Lowell Lecture Humanities Series

'No Time for Banqueting':
African American Protests in Boston, 1945-1955

Gerald Gill, Tufts University

Wednesday, February 14, Gasson 100, 4 PM

Re-performing sappho in classical antiquity
Dimijtrios yatromanolakis, harvard university

WEdnesday, February 14, gasson 305, 4 pm
sponsor: Classical studies department

Christian Philosophy at the End of the 20th century

alvin plantinga
john a. o'brien professor of philosophy
university of notre dame

thursday, february 10, 7 pm, gasson 305

The Wisdom of Hindu Goddess Traditions: Cosmic, Mythic and Social Perspectives
Tracy Pintchman, Loyola University of Chicago

Thursday, February 8, Gasson 305, 7:30 PM
sponsor: Theology Department

Linking Community Organizing and School Reform: A Comparative Analysis

Dennis Shirley, Lynch School of Education

February 6, 12-1:15, Boisi Center, 24 Quincy Road

Lecture on Edvard Munch
by Jeffrey Howe, Fine Arts Department

Sunday, February 4, 1:30 PM, Devlin 008

Transformative Hope
by Lynch School of Education Dean Mary Brabeck

Thursday, February 1, 7:30 PM, Gasson 100
sponsored by Lowell Lecture Humanities Series

Global Justice Project
lecture by Dr. Waldon Bello

Thursday, February 1, 7 PM, Fulton 511

Three Mistakes About Modernity
with John Gray, London School of Economics and Political Science

Friday, January 26, McGuinn 121, 4PM
response by Peter Berkowitz and buffet dinner to follow at 6:45 PM in McElroy Faculty Dining Room
Call #20438 to RSVP

sponsored by Bradley Lecture Series

Saints And sinners: An Examination of the Relationship between the catholic church, cinema, and television

with director of the pauline center for media studies
sister rose pacatte

Wednesday, January 24, 7 Pm, Higgins 310

call adam bovilsky to rsvp at (617)457-8666
sponsor: catholic-jewish young adult council

Discussion: "Reading For Pleasure:
Chocolat by Joanne Harris"

with Office of Student Development Administrative Secretary Irene Prossner
December 19, Tuesday, noon - 1 PM, O'Neill 413
Sponsor: O'Neill Library

Epic Images: The Art of the Persian Book Revisited
with Calderwood University Professors of Islamic and Asian Art
Sheila Blair and Jonathon Bloom

December 6, Wednesday, 4:30 PM, Thompson Room, Burns Library

Relative Values in the Antigone
A Lecture by Professor Christopher McDonough (Classics, Honors Program)
honors students are encouraged to attend

Monday, November 20, 6 PM, Gasson 112


All Gone: Communism and Childhood Undone