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Just ask Alice... or the Sibyl, or Kirke, or Virgil.

Cumae or Gates of Horn and Ivory or the shores of Okeanos

Use the following usernames and passwords to enter each of our honors courses. You will have "guest" privileges and, sadly,will be blocked from direct use of materials found within. Only those enrolled in HP29801 and/or UW01101 will find Hades waiting for them. Username: duket3; password: duket3. But please stroll the fields of asphodel at your leisure..



Honors and WebCT

Many of the databases, image files, course materials, and co-curricular activites of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program are housed within Boston College WebCT. WebCT itself is course management software maintained by the Office of Instructional Technology and eLearning. Access to WebCT is regulated through the University Information System so that only those enrolled in university courses have access. Paradoxically, materials are organized on a course by course basis so that membership in a major or a program cannot be used as a criterion for granting access. One must be taking a course that shows up on the student's online transcript. We have adapted this situation to fit our program needs.

Because of these peculiarities of WebCT and the UIS, the Honors Program limits access to program materials in a way that allows full compliance with copyright law including the Millenium Digital Copyright Act.

Use this floor of Humanities House as your portal to WebCT. We will keep updated usernames and passwords for visitors to enter WebCT courses (as unregistered guests) at leastto find out what the honors storehouse/treasure trove contains.

The Honors Program databases contain a growing collection of primary source texts, art and archaeology image (jpg and gif) vaults, audio files, .avifiles, and special files for the study of film in digital format.

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