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HP031-034 sections, 2006-07

Western Cultural Tradition V-VIII
Satisfies Writing Core Requirement

All students in the Honors Program are required to take Western Cultural Tradition I-IV (HP 001-HP 004) as freshmen and Western Cultural Tradition V-VIII (HP 031-HP 034) as sophomores. These are two 3-credit courses each semester (a total of 24 credits), and they substitute for the normal Core requirements in Theology, Philosophy, English and (for non-majors) Social Science. They are open only to students in A&S (about nine percent of the freshmen class) who have been selected by the Director in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Admission. All have been contacted by letter during the summer with instructions on registration.
The Department

syllabus  time  seminar room
01 S. Michalczyk fall, spring MW 9-10:50 Gasson 308
02 S. Michalczyk fall, spring MW 11-12:50 Gasson 308
03 Davenport fall, spring MW 10-11:50 Gasson 307
04 Davenport fall, spring MW 1-2:50 Gasson 112
05 Martin fall, spring TTh 10-11:50 Gasson 112
06 Chadwick fall, spring MW 3-4:50 Gasson 308
07 Martin fall, spring TTh 1:30-3:20 Gasson 208
08 Epstein fall, spring TTh 12-1:50 Gasson 112
09 Behnegar fall, spring TTh 1-2:50 Gasson 308
10 O'Connor fall, spring TTh 2-3:50 Gasson 112
11 Breines fall, spring TTh 11-12:50 Gasson 308
12 Breines fall, spring TTh 3-4:50 Gasson 308
13 Cohen fall, spring TTh 10-11:50 Gasson 303
14 Cohen fall, spring TTh 2-3:50 Gasson 303


Rodin, Balzac


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