Three were horned like oxen, but the four
had but one horn on each of their heads.
No one has ever seen a monster like it!

Seated thereon, securely, like a fort,
high on a hill, I saw an ungirt whore
casting bold, sluttish glances all around.

Acting as if someone might take her from him,
a giant, I saw, standing there by her side;
from time to time the two of them would kiss."

Purg xxxii: Whore and Giant
"Once more the eagle swooped down through the tree:
this time into the framework of the car,
to shed some of its golden feathers there;

like sorrow pouring from a grieving heart
a voice from Heaven was heard: 'My little ship,
O what ill-fated cargo you must bear!'

And then I saw the ground between the wheels
opening up: a dragon issued forth, 
driving its tail up through the chariot;

then, as wasp withdraws its sting, that thing
drew back its poison tail, tearing away
part of the floor-gloating, it wandered off;

the rest, like fertile soil left for thick weeds
to thrive on, grew a rich cover of plumes
granted with good intentions, it would seem,

and all the chariot, with both its wheels
and pole as well, was overgrown with them
in less time than it takes to heave a sigh

Thus changed, the holy shrine began to sprout
heads from all parts: three on the chariot's pole
and one from each of its four courners grew.

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