Inferno xxxi
And we continued on until we reached 
Antaeus, who, not reckoning his head
stood out above the rock wall five full ells.
"Oh you, who lived within the famous valley
(where Scipio became the heir of glory
when Hannibal retreated with his men),
who took a thousand lions as your prey-
who had you been together with your brothers
in their high war, it seems some still believe
the sons of earth would have become the victors-
do set us down below, where cold shuts in
Cocytus, and do not disdain that task.
Don't send us on to Tityus or Typhon;
this man can give you what is longed for here;
therefore bend down and do not curl your lip.
He still can bring you fame within the world,
for he's alive and still expects long life,
unless grace summon him before his time."
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