Hope Photographs showcases the work of over 90 contemporary photographers, including many of the most influential and experimental photographers of our day.Works by such artists as Harry Callahan, Lee Friedlander, Nan Goldin, Edward Grazda, Joel Meyerowitz, Duane Michals, Abelardo Morrell, Nicholas Nixon, Barbara Norfleet and Cindy Sherman will be on display.
Notes on the artists
  Each photograph was selected because, in its own way, it embodied hope. "We started with the belief that an act of creation - photography, in this case - is an act of hope," write curators Alice Rose George and Lee Marks.The exhibition gives viewers an opportunity to reflect on the importance of hope in their own lives.
  To invite viewers into this conversation, fifteen Boston College faculty members from a variety of disciplines wrote short responses to the question: Where do you find hope?
Faculty essays and selected images
  In the hallway outside the museum, the McMullen Museum is also exhibiting images of Boston College's hopeful responses to the tragedies of September 11, taken by Lee Pelligrini, Office of Marketing Communications, and Mike Mergen.

The catalog, which features high-quality reproductions of all 107 works in the exhibition and essays by Reynolds Price, Lionel Tiger, and Robert Coles, will be available at the Boston College bookstore.
Additional images from the exhibition are available at www.hopephotos.com.

The McMullen Museum will offer a variety of public programs this fall, including concerts of twentieth-century music, and a series of documentary films with themes of hope and moral courage.
Calendar of events

Film Series
Documenting Hope, Praising Courage

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