Graduate Students Favor Union in Close Election

Boston College graduate students voted in favor of unionization under the United Auto Workers in elections held on campus September 12 and 13.

The vote passed by a margin of 270-224, with 510 of the 778 eligible graduate student voters casting ballots.

"We are disappointed by the results of the election, and will review our legal options with the NLRB in Washington regarding the regional director's decision to approve the election," said Provost David Quigley and Vice President for Human Resources David Trainor in a statement.  

 "We remain committed to supporting our graduate students, whose contribution to the mission of the University we value and appreciate."



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Graduate Student Voter: What you should Know

The Catholic Church has long supported the rights of workers to organize and engage in collective bargaining, and Boston College has a longstanding relationship with two unions that represent several hundred BC employees. As a Jesuit, Catholic university, however, we believe that respecting the rights of workers to organize does not require support for government control over matters involving our graduate students, and that religious freedom, guaranteed by the Constitution, assures the right of faith-based institutions to be free from government interference in our academic affairs. Throughout our 154-year history, Boston College’s commitment to student formation has been central to our mission as a Jesuit, Catholic university. We believe that everyone involved in teaching at Boston College—including graduate teaching assistants and research assistants—is directly involved in the formation of our students.
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