The Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) promotes the belief that an international perspective is needed to foster enlightened policies and practices in higher education. With this mission, CIHE was founded in 1995 to advance knowledge about the complex realities of higher education in the contemporary world through its research, publications, training programs, and advisory activities.

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CIHE Perspectives 5

The Challenges of Academic Integrity  in Higher Education: Current Trends and Prospects

This Perspectives addresses the issue of ethics and values in international higher education, an increasing concern in an area of massification, privatization and globalization in higher education.

The World View publication cover

The World View: Selected blogs from IHE, 2010-2016

The fourth edition of CIHE Perspectives presents a selection of articles that have been published in The World View since 2010.

International Faculty in Higher Education cover

International Faculty in Higher Education

In an interconnected and globally competitive environment, faculty mobility across countries has become widespread, yet is little understood

Globalization of Internationalization cover

The Globalization of Internationalization

The Globalization of Internationalization is a timely text which gives voice to emerging perspectives.

The Global Academic Rankings Game cover

The Global Academic Rankings Game

A much-needed perspective on how countries and universities react to academic ranking.

The World View

A blog from the Center for International Higher Education