Selected videos from past Center events


Responding to the Travel Bans: An Immigration Lawyer's Role in Resisting

With Susan Church, attorney, Demissie & Church.

March 30, 2017

On March 30, 2017, the Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice hosted this event with Susan Church, immigration lawyer, Demissie & Church. In January, attorney Susan Church, with assistance from the ACLU and other law firms, successfully sued President Trump for his anti-immigrant travel and visa processing ban on Muslim immigrants from seven affected countries, obtaining a temporary restraining order from the Federal District Court in Boston. Then, with help from many volunteer lawyers, she spent weeks at Logan airport helping advocate for travelers who were at risk of being detained. She will talk about these experiences and respond to the latest developments related to both of President Trump's executive orders.


A Radical Faith: The Assassination of Sister Maura

On February 22, 2017, the Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice hosted this book talk with author Eileen Markey. The book, "A Radical Faith: The Assassination of Sister Maura" follows the life of Sister Maura Clarke, one of four US churchwomen murdered by a Salvadoran death squad during the Salvadoran civil war in the 1980s, and her faith which led her to a life of solidarity rather than charity.  



With Medea Benjamin, author and co-founder of the organization CodePink.

October 20, 2016.



BC professor Marilynn Johnson discusses her new book

Book discussion: The New Bostonians and The New Deportations Delirium

On November 16, 2015, Marilynn Johnson, BC Professor of History and author of The New Bostonians: How Immigrants Have Transformed the Metro Area since the 1960s; and Center Associate Directors Brinton Lykes, BC Professor of Community-Cultural Psychology and Daniel Kanstroom, BC Professor of Law, co-editors of The New Deportations Delirium: Interdisciplinary Responses discuss their new books with the BC community. Access the Johnson book discussion here. “


WomenCrossDMZ: A Report Back from a Historic Walk in the Koreas for Peace and Reunification

On September 16, 2015, Center Associate Director Brinton Lykes and BC Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Center Affiliated Faculty Member Ramsay Liem presented on the current situationin the Koreas after Prof. Lykes participated in WomenCrossDMZ in May.  She joined 29 other women from 15 different countries to cross the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas on May 24, 2015, International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament, in support of peace and reconiliation between the two nations.Access video of the WomenCrossDMZ event here. “



Book discussion: Constructing Immigrant 'Illegality': Critiques, Experiences, and Responses

On April 30, the Center hosted this discussion with co-editors Cecilia Menjívar, Professor of Sociology, Arizona State University and Daniel Kanstroom, Professor of Law, Boston College. Respondent: BC Professor of Social Work Westy Egmont Access video of the Constructing Immigrant Illegality book discussion here. “


Book discussion: Immigration Outside the Law

On March 26, the Center hosted this discussion with author Hiroshi Motomura, the Susan Westerberg Prager Professor of Law, University of California, Los AngelesProf. Motomura joined us to discuss his latest book, Immigration Outside the Law.

Access video of the Immigration Outside the Law book discussion here. “



Carolyn Forche addresses the audience at a CHRIJ event

A Poet's Journey from El Salvador to 2014: Witness in the Light of Conscience

On Wednesday, November 19, the Center for Human Rights and International Justice hosted this event with Professor Carolyn Forché of Georgetown University.

Access a A Poet's Journey from El Salvador to 2014 here. “


Ricardo Falla, S.J.

Conversation with Ricardo Falla, S.J.

Center Visiting Fellow Ricardo Falla, S.J. discusses his life and work, and a new book project about them entitled "Al Atardecer de la Vida" (In the Twilight of Life), in these short interviews (in Spanish).

Access a Conversation with Ricardo Falla, S.J. here.


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