Tax Policy Workshop

The Boston College Law School Tax Policy Workshop, made possible by the Paulus Endowment for Tax Programs, is a forum for discussing issues in tax policy and tax administration. The Workshop brings together experienced and new scholars, practitioners and academics in a collaborative setting to help presenters formulate and focus their ideas and evaluate various tax policy proposals and analyses. 

The Workshops start at 12:15 in the Faculty Lounge, Room M414, Stuart House, at the Law School, 885 Centre Street, Newton, MA. Lunch is served and parking is free. The Workshops are organized by Professors James Repetti and Diane Ring.

BC Law graduate at workshop

Attend the Workshop 
For more information, please contact: 
Patrick Mahoney
(617) 552-4404

Fall 2016

Thursday, September 15
12:15 p.m.
Leandra Lederman (Indiana) 
“To What Extent Does Enforcement Crowd Out Voluntary Tax Compliance?”

Monday, October 17
12:15 p.m.
Charlotte Crane (Northwestern)
“Integrating a Fragmented Corporate Tax”

Friday, November 4
12:15 p.m.
James Repetti (Boston College)  
“Tax Rates and Inequality”

Spring 2017

Wednesday, March 22
12:15 p.m.
Diane Ring (Boston College)
"Leak Driven Law"

The Tax Policy Workshop is entering its 11th year and has hosted the following experts and Symposia in tax law:


  • Dan Shaviro –NYU
  • Kirk Stark- UCLA
  • Deborah Schenk – NYU
  • Nancy Staudt – Northwestern
  • Paul Caron- U. Cinn.
  • Linda Beale – Wayne


  • Ruth Mason- U.Conn
  • Marjorie Kornhauser – Arizona State
  • Noel Cunningham – NYU
  • Leandra Lederman – Indiana
  • Neil Buchannan – George Washington


  • Eric Lustig- New England
  • Meredith Conway – Suffolk
  • Lily Faulhaber - Harvard



  • Miranda Perry-Colorado
  • Christiana HJP Panayi - Queen Mary, University of London
  • Adam Chodorow - Arizona State University 
  • Lily Kahng - Seattle University School of Law
  • Karen Brown – George Washington


  • Sarah Lawsky - UC Irvine
  • Adam Rosenzweig - Wash. U
  • Ed Kleinbard – USC
  • Larry Zelenak - Duke
  • Tricia Brown - U. Miami
  • David Noren - Joint Committee on Taxation


  • Tracy Kaye - Seton Hall
  • George Yin - Virginia
  • Chris Sanchirico - U. Penn.
  • Joshua Blank - NYU
  • Susan Morse - UC Hastings


  • Jake Brooks - Georgetown University Law Center
  • Reuven Avi-Yonah - U. Michigan
  • Emily Cauble - DePaul University College of Law  
  • Tom Brennan - Northwestern Law School
  • New England International Fiscal Association April Extended Breakfast (Two Panel Workshop: IP Panel and Irish/Swiss Panel)


Oct. 10th, 2014: Symposium on Reforming Entity Taxation (co-sponsored with Tax Analysts)

Keynote Speaker: Lee Sheppard (Contributing Editor, Tax Analysts) Reforming Entity Taxation: Corporations

  • Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama)
  • Deborah Schenk (NYU)
  • Dan Shaviro (NYU)
  • Brian Galle (Boston College) Commentator
  • Jeremy Scott (Editor in Chief of News, Tax Analysts) Moderator

 Reforming Entity Taxation: Partnerships

  • Karen Burke (Florida)
  • Andrea Monroe (Temple)
  • Gregg Polsky (North Carolina)
  • James Repetti (Boston College) Commentator
  • Amy Elliot (Contributing Editor, Tax Notes) Moderator

 Reforming Entity Taxation: International

  • Allison Christians (McGill)
  • Robert Peroni (Texas)
  • Martin Sullivan (Tax Analysts)
  • Diane Ring (Boston College) Commentator
  • Sam Young, (Editor Worldwide Tax Daily) Moderator


October 2, 2015: Symposium on The Centennial of the Estate and Gift Tax: Perspectives and Recommendations. (co-sponsored with the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel Foundation)

Keynote Speaker: Michael Graetz (Columbia Law School)

Whether it is desirable to tax the gratuitous transfer of wealth during life or at death?

  • James Repetti (Boston College Law School) Commentator and Moderator
  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (University of Kentucky College of Law)
  • Paul Caron (Pepperdine University School of Law)
  • Dr. David Joulfaian (U.S. Department of the Treasury)

Whether methods other than an estate and gift tax could better address problems associated with wealth concentration?

  • Ray Madoff (Boston College Law School) Commentator and Moderator
  • David Duff (University of British Columbia's Allard School of Law)
  • Miranda Perry Fleischer (University of San Diego School of Law)
  • David Shakow (University of Pennsylvania School of Law)

What improvements could be made to the existing estate and gift tax system?

  • Bridget Crawford (Pace University School of Law) Commentator and Moderator
  • Joseph Dodge (Florida State University College of Law)
  • Wendy Gerzog (University of Baltimore School of Law)
  • Kerry Ryan (St. Louis University School of Law)

Other Speakers

  • Richard Schmalbeck (Duke)
  • David Gamage (Berkeley)
  • Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego) 
  • Charlene Luke (Florida)
  • Dorothy Brown (Emory)
  • New England International Fiscal Association April Extended Breakfast Two Panel Workshop: VAT and Withholding