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Professor Ingrid Hillinger
"Teach them to death, work them to death, love them to death."

Boston College Law School has earned a national reputation for educational excellence, academic rigor, and the highest standards of professionalism.
Vincent Rougeau, Dean
BC Law: Impact
The Case of the Drunken Sailor  Link to article
One night in the 1960’s, a Coast Guard sailor, whose ship was in port for repairs, came stumbling back to the vessel in, to use the words of the judge, “the condition for whic...
January 20, 2017
Alex Bou-Rhodes
Why It’s Okay for You to Ask Me About My Hair  Link to article
No, really, this isn’t a trap. It’s okay. I got to thinking about this the other day at my bartending job when a customer made a comment on my hair. She was an old...
January 17, 2017
Charlene Ochogo
Teach, Work, Love: Professor Hillinger on BC Law  Link to article
Take a few minutes to watch the following video profiling Professor Ingrid Hillinger, who is one of BC Law’s most respected professors . She is known for her demanding but rew...
January 06, 2017
Ryan Murphy