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Vincent Rougeau, Dean
BC Law: Impact
The One Shift That Could Change the War on Drugs  Link to article
After I wrote about the failures of the War on Drugs for BC Law Magazine last semester I waited anxiously for the backlash. I spent ten years in the U.S. Coast Guard before la...
November 20, 2017
Brendan McKinnon
The Dangers of Mathematical Illiteracy in the Legal Profession  Link to article
You don’t have to be a fan of the TV series Black Mirror to realize that our world is becoming more computationally driven. Yet, being a fan may help you recognize the dangero...
November 15, 2017
Jorge Toledo
Que esta passant aqui?  Link to article
Walking the streets of Barcelona with my father used to involve a mild amount of embarrassment. In the city, where he was born and raised, and where most residents speak both ...
November 02, 2017
Alex Bou-Rhodes