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Professor Ingrid Hillinger
"Teach them to death, work them to death, love them to death."

Boston College Law School has earned a national reputation for educational excellence, academic rigor, and the highest standards of professionalism.
Vincent Rougeau, Dean
BC Law: Impact
History in the Making  Link to article
I’m very excited to host a guest blog from a go-getter BC Law 1L, Brianna Marshall. She is originally from central Pennsylvania, and graduated from Bucknell University i...
October 15, 2016
Charlene Ochogo
BC in DC Spotlight: Cynthia Gonzalez  Link to article
Author’s Note: Boston College Law School offers students the opportunity to do a full-time semester-in-practice in Washington, DC. This fall I am working as a Law Intern...
October 10, 2016
Zain Ahmad
A Reflection on Race and Policing in America  Link to article
As an Asian-American, I admit that I often feel distanced from the recent events arising between the black community and the police. However, I’m becoming increasingly aware t...
October 03, 2016
Venus Chui