Founded on the Jesuit principle that knowledge is to be used for the betterment of the world, Boston College seeks to unite intellectual inquiry with commitment to service.
Our Core Curriculum is designed to help you broaden your horizons; to provide an immersion in the liberal arts, a foundation for your chosen field, and the critical thinking and understanding that is the beginning of a life of leadership.

Meet Our Students

Picture of Joh Gabelus

John Gabelus

Class of 2016, Dr. Donald Brown Award Winner

His four years at BC were marked by academic achievement, exemplary service, and campus leadership. Now, John Gabelus is foused on a master’s degree in the School of Theology and Ministry.

Pursue Academic Excellence

James Brogan

James Brogan

Class of 2016, student scholar

He may have spent upwards of 2,000 hours in the lab, but it was courses in the liberal arts and an international experience that helped James Brogan discover more about himself.

Learn from Faculty experts

Prof. Phil Strahan

Prof. Philip Strahan

John L. Collins, S.J. Chair in Finance

For the past 20 years, the scholarship and teaching of Prof. Philip Stahan has focused on how regulation and deregulation affect the economy.

Penny Hauser-Cram working with a small child


Penny Hauser-Cram

Lynch School of Education Professor and Chair Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology

Parenting is a heavy responsibility. Professor Penny Hauser-Cram helps lighten the load of those raising kids with developmental disabilities or those living in poverty.

Read more about Professor Hauser-Cram's scholarship and work at the Lynch School of Education