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The Connell Recreation Center

Fit. Active. Well.

The Connell Recreation Center redefines the future of fitness and recreation at Boston College. Set to open in summer 2019, the 244,000-square-foot, four-story structure off St. Thomas More Road offers our community an inspired space to play, pursue sports, gather with friends and work out.

Make Your Mark at BC

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Naming Opportunities

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Gymnasium | $10 million
Individual Gymnasium Courts | $2.5 million

Located on the third floor, this elegant hardwood maple gymnasium will be home to recreational basketball, volleyball, badminton, fencing, and general recreation. Dividers separate each court and provide casual seating platforms.

Multiactivity Courts | $10 million

The courts with recess goals and player boxes will be used for basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer, as well as for signature events—gatherings of 950-1,500 people—such as FanFest, speaking engagements, and dances.

Tennis Court | $7.5 million

The Connell Center will house three hard tennis courts on the third floor totaling 18,500 square feet, providing players a perfect venue for indoor tennis training year-round.

Aquatics Center | (reserved)

The aquatics center on the first floor will boast a 10-lane deep competition pool for swimming, diving, and water polo along with a shallow learn-to-swim pool, made handicapped-accessible with ramp entry to be used for swim lessons and rehabilitation. A large, on-deck whirlpool will provide up to 17 people with access to its relaxing waters.

Jogging Track | $5 million

An elevated jogging track on the fourth floor will overlook a four-court gymnasium, offering runners and walkers an ideal place to watch sports—and people—while exercising. Runners can complete a mile with seven and a half laps around the track or four and a half laps around an extended loop along the perimeter of the tennis courts.

The Concourse | $2.5 million

Step into the Connell Recreation Center through the Concourse, and immediately feel the sense of community that makes BC unique. The center will be entirely student-run, and visitors will be greeted by a student who will check them in.

Climbing Wall | $1.5 million
Outdoor Adventures Suite | $1 million​

Climbing Wall - $1.5 million
A state-of-the-art, three-sided climbing wall on the first floor will offer six to eight climbers a great space to work their muscles. The space will also provide a bouldering wall so climbers can free-climb without harnesses or ropes as they tackle challenging bouldering problems.

Outdoor Adventures Suite - $1 million
This space on the first floor will serve as the home and equipment hub for BC’s Outdoor Adventures program, which offers daylong recreational trips and various outdoor classes and clinics every semester.

Other Naming Opportunities

Racquetball and Squash Court Complex | $1,000,000
The Connell Recreation Center will incorporate two racquetball and two squash courts on the fourth floor to give players the space they need to train and compete.

Golf Simulator Space | $500,000
BC’s golf teams and other golfers on campus will have a state-of-the-art simulator in the Center, enabling them to play virtual holes and hone their long game as they practice and train year-round.

Terrace | $500,000
With gorgeous views of Gasson Hall, this outdoor terrace on the fourth floor will provide space for events with up to 30 people.

Pool Spectator Balcony | $500,000
Two hundred people will be able to cheer on BC swimmers and divers from this spectacular spectator seating on the second floor. The space will also accommodate 40 more supporters at high-top tables behind the bleachers.

Multipurpose Rooms (4) | $500,000
Multipurpose rooms on levels two and three will serve as valuable practice space for BC’s dance teams, while doubling as training space for a large array of BC group fitness classes.

Locker Room (M) | $2,500,000
The men’s locker room on the first floor will feature 850 lockers and a body-soothing sauna where all who come can wind down after their workouts.

Locker Room (W) | $2,500,000
The women’s locker room on the first floor will offer 850 lockers and a soothing sauna for post-workout relaxation.

Team BC Administrative Suite | $1,000,000
The Team BC Suite on the second floor will be the home of the center’s administrators and student employees.

Eagles Weight Room | $1,000,000
The 21,600-square-foot Olympic weight room on the third floor will include barbells and floor mats to accommodate advanced lifting as well as trained staff to assist weightlifters as they push themselves to excel.

Wet Classroom | $500,000
Perfect for lifeguard and water safety instructor training sessions, this classroom on the first floor near the pool will allow trainees to take what they learn in the classroom directly into the water with them.

Learning and Development Rooms | $500,000
At the student-run Connell Center, students will become leaders. They’ll teach classes for faculty and staff and manage the center’s day-to-day operations. In this space on the first floor, they’ll have access to valuable training and professional development opportunities.

Community Concourse Lounge | $500,000
The Connell Center will be a gathering place for students, faculty, and staff. The community concourse lounge on the first floor will serve as one of its key communal areas, a place for people to share ideas and unwind.

Eagles Club Lounge | $250,000
Those who are looking for a break between workouts will have access to the Eagles Club Lounge, a spot on the second floor where they can relax and meet up with friends.

Executive Boardroom | $250,000
The boardroom on the second floor will be a central space for students, faculty, staff, and Connell Center leaders to meet and engage.

Director’s Office | $250,000
This second floor office will be home to the Campus Recreation Director, an advocate for health and wellness initiatives across the University.

Coaches Offices | $250,000
Varsity coaches for four teams will be able to coordinate forces and maintain offices here in the heart of campus as they prepare for their next big game.

Equipment Arena | $250,000
Visitors to the equipment arena will be greeted by student staff, who will help them check out up-to-date equipment, from tennis rackets to basketballs to racquetball gear.

Trainer Space | $100,000
Trainers will have office space of their own, where they can plan classes and coordinate with clients.

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