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Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

One by one, gift by gift, Senior by Senior, that’s the ONLY way we’ll meet this challenge. Below are the names of those who have already done their part, in the order in which they gave. Won’t you be the next to add your name to the list?

1        Brendan Thomas Kolon
2        Nadja Alexandra Nilsson
3        Harry Keith Cheung
4        Jenna Postiglione
5        Gregory Jay Mancini
6        Brendan William Lynch
7        Marquis J. Little
8        Amanda Elizabeth Williams
9        Connor Rene Cote
10        Alicia Christine McCormick
11        Selly Aisha Sallah
12        Madeline Elizabeth Schroeder
13        Carson William Truesdell
14        Sheila Mary Hill
15        Hannah Elizabeth Rodgers
16        Lauren Margaret Nilles
17        Melissa Anne Chin
18        Jacqueline Faye Grose
19        Ashley Adwoa Antwi
20        Casey Lee McCarraher
21        Grace Elizabeth Francesconi
22        Milagros Maria Avalo
23        Mary E. Horn
24        Joseph Thomas McCarthy
25        Ms. Katherine Ford McNally
26        Willa Feeney Nathan
27        Anthony Gallo
28        Gabrielle Kay Hanlon
29        Suvin Song
30        Keara Elizabeth Walsh
31        Anders Charles Bill
32        Sarah Jeanne-Louise Woods
33        Anne Marie Bullington
34        Rachel Elizabeth French
35        Accursia Cecilia Gallagher
36        Angus Edward MacKinnon
37        Yahya Nagib Saleh
38        Megan Theresa Shea
39        Akash N. Desai
40        Aerin Reed Marshall
41        Elizabeth Rose Nuccio
42        Lily Li-Yuan Peng
43        Kristen Elizabeth Ross
44        Martha Eileen Veroneau
45        Courtney O'Keefe Cole
46        Kristen Angellica Daly
47        McKenna Catherine Kiefer
48        Abigail Margaret Ryan
49        Huan Wang

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