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Legacy Grants

Improving Educational Opportunities for U.S. Students

WOOF and Kids In Need Foundation
WOOF and our partners from the Kids In Need Foundation

The mission of WOOF Supplies is to improve educational opportunities for U.S. students by providing them with the basic school supplies to succeed. Without basic supplies, kids come to school with less confidence, concentrate and participate less in the classroom, and are more likely to drop out altogether. WOOF utilizes a buy one, give one model: for every WOOF notebook sold, a 70-page notebook is given to a U.S. student in need through a partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation. So far, we have been able to donate 1,100 notebooks.

We have also sought to actively replenish the environment by planting two trees for every tree that is cut down to produce our notebooks. To date, we have donated funds to plant 44 trees through Plant-It 2020.

This experience has been one of the greatest learning opportunities I have ever had. With the support of a network of mentors on and off campus, I started a non-profit business that gives me a constant sense of purpose. My dream job is to work for a company that directly combines doing good with making a profit, and WOOF could not be a better experience for learning how to do that.

Thank you to the Legacy Grant Program, who helped to fund this initiative. We couldn’t have created WOOF without the Legacy Grant, which helped pay for the 274 notebooks we sold on campus and stickers that we used for marketing around BC and other college campuses (helping us to have over 500 Facebook page likes and 100 Twitter followers), and for extending our website domain subscription. It was an honor to be selected as a grant recipient, so thank you again!

Chris Olmanson '14

Light the World Campaign