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Lenten Reflections 2012


REFLECTIONS - an online retreat for alumni and friends

The theme for each week's LENTEN REFLECTION is "Forgiveness," and each week will feature a short video of someone reflecting on the experience of forgiveness in their own life. Come back each week to view each new video, and please share your thoughts and insights through the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Easter Sunday

For Reflection:

The Our Father – “Forgive us as we forgive.” (Mt. 9:6-13) and “For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Mt. 7:2)

It’s in the experience of our ability to forgive that we realize that God has in fact forgiven us. The actualization of God’s forgiving love to us is found in the ability to forgive others no matter how grievous the act is. Like many of us, this is too tall an order and if you find yourself in this position, do not be worried or afraid, simply ask for the gift to be forgiven and trust that it will be given to you.


Friends, we have come to the end of our Lenten journey and Easter awaits us. This Lent has been a time to dwell on God’s great love. God wants to love us and allow us to see that love and experience that in its fullness, thus enabling us to love. Because of hurts and pains, broken trust and ill will, we forget at times how beautiful we are, how loving God is, and how gifted we are at sharing God’s love. I hope that these last few weeks have been a time to come to experience God’s love and that you have been able to share that love with others through the core of Christian love: forgiveness. We now stand in front of the tomb waiting for the fullness of Love to restore us in the resurrection where all sin, sorrow, fears, heartaches, limitations and illness will be wiped away and transformed. Because we are Eagles, and as the hymn says, ’let us run and not grow weary, for our God will be our strength, and we will fly like the eagle, we will rise again.’

Have a blessed Easter and know that as BC family we are here to support, love and celebrate God’s redeeming love together.


Fr. Jack, S.J.

Alumni Responses:

"Thirty years later I am still learning from your Jesuits. Thank you." ~ Jill McGillen

"I just want to say thank you. This Lenten series has been a beautiful gift." ~ Kathleen Garity '72, '10

"I listened to Fr. Michael tell his story of forgiveness and it brought tears to my eyes. To be able to forgive the man who took his father from him was difficult, I'm sure, but I look at his face and can see the peace it has brought him. It's not easy to forgive, but God forgives me everyday!!! Thank you, Lord!" ~ Edward L. Amaral '57

"I was blown away by Fr. Davidson's ability to forgive and this put into perspective the times I have denied forgiveness for petty reasons.  This email reminded me of how grateful I am to be a part of the BC family and I cannot wait to share this with my family when I spend Easter with them tomorrow.  Thank you." ~ Julia Lanzara '10

"Thank you for the opportunity to share these reflections and this journey of forgiveness with our BC family. We are men and women for others, and together we can set the world aflame with God's love and healing." ~ Monica '81

"I just listened to the Lenten Reflection, today is Good Friday at 3:30.  Father's message was so powerful and poignant at this particular time. I thank him for sharing his story with me and for reminding me the importance of forgiveness.  The Love of God and for God must show us the way to forgive, however difficult it may be at times. I pray this lesson stays with me for a very long time." ~ Kathy Mulcahey ;87

"It always puzzled me that the Lord's prayer mentions forgiveness but it never mentioned love. Why??? Maybe forgiveness is the strongest act of love, even more than sacrifice. Maybe if we can forgive, we can do any other act of love.   And maybe forgiveness is SO HARD that we need the power of God in our lives in order to do it." ~ Georgina Arianne Laidlaw Berger '80

"Thank you very much for this reflection on forgiveness.  It arrived at exactly the right time."

"Powerful reflection, Father. Thank you for reminding me of the true meaning and purpose of Lent." ~ Juan Alexander Concepcion

"I have a tendency to hold on to hurts, but if Father Michael could forgive a man that killed his father then I should be able to forgive those who slighted me.  Thank you for this gift." ~ Anne '77

"Thank you Fr. Michael for sharing with so many a very difficult moment in your life.  How wonderful that with the Holy Spirit's help you were able to forgive that man.  We all need to ask the Holy Spirit over and over for the strength to be Christ like." ~ Mike Farrell

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