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A New Program for Alumni by Alumni

Mentoring Matchups

The right career guidance makes all the difference. So who better to advise ambitious Eagles than BC alumni who've already made their aspirations a reality?

That's why the Boston College Alumni Association is creating Alumni2Alumni Mentoring, which will match graduates of the past five years with alumni who have more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields. The program launched in March with 80 pairs of mentors and mentees embarking on a one-year partnership. Tailored career conversations take place in person, or through online tools such as Skype.

Recent graduates working in health care, national defense, and the technology sector have expressed a strong interest in the program. Meanwhile, mentors in business and finance, communication, and education are in demand, reflecting some of the most popular majors at the Heights.

Once the pilot program is complete, there are plans to expand this unique service. To join the next mentoring cohort, email

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