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From New York City to Sweden, Laughing All the Way


The new television comedy Welcome to Sweden, created by and starring Greg Poehler ’96, debuted recently on NBC. Loosely based on Poehler’s own move to Stockholm, the show features his sister, Amy Poehler ’93, as co-executive producer and in a recurring role. Greg plays a successful American money manager whose Swedish girlfriend decides to take a job back home, upending their happy New York City life as the couple moves in with her parents in Stockholm.

Greg relocated to Sweden in 2006 with his then-girlfriend, Charlotta. Now married, they and their three children continue to live in the Swedish capital. Like his character, Greg left a high-powered career in New York—as a lawyer—to immigrate to his wife’s homeland. He began doing stand-up comedy in Sweden, which led to the development of Welcome to Sweden.

Watch previews here.

Greg discusses the show with the American Swedish Institute.

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