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Alumni Connections

October 2016

Explore Your Impact

Discover all that you made possible on our new Light the World campaign impact site. How many scholarships were established? What new buildings rose at the Heights? How did the campaign elevate cutting-edge research on campus? Learn all this and much more about BC’s record-setting $1.605 billion campaign. Explore now.


Cheers for Pops on the Heights

Pops on the Heights kicked off Parents' Weekend with a sparkling start. Featuring Kristin Chenoweth and the Boston Pops, the event raised more money than ever before for BC scholarships. Explore more.


New Home on Campus

A new residence hall at 2150 Commonwealth Avenue on main campus is bustling with housing for nearly 500 students, a health clinic, music practice rooms, and more. See more


Eagle Serves as ACC Voice to NCAA

Eagles senior running back Myles Willis represents the entire ACC on the NCAA's Student-Athlete Advisory Council, a coveted opportunity he worked hard to earn. Discover more


Red Bandanna Remembrances

A new book remembers 9/11 hero Welles Crowther '99, while the annual Red Bandanna 5K run this month supports causes that honor his memory. Read more

Soaring Eagles

Patricia Noonan

Karen Lynch '84

Fortune ranked Aetna's first female president, Karen Lynch, 26th on its "Most Powerful Women in Business" list. Discover more.

Patricia Noonan

Karen Schreiner '08, MA'10

Educator Karen Schreiner is one of five recipients of the biennial Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching. See more.

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Light the World Campaign