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Alumni Connections

March 2015

Fr. Leahy

Laetare Sunday 2015

A day of rejoicing in the midst of Lent—and a day to return to the Heights in celebration. Read more

Stacy Brown '08

Oh, the Humanities

The results are in. And you may be surprised by how some Eagles are using their liberal arts degrees. Read more

Romero Scholarship

Nominate an Eagle for Others

Know an Eagle committed to serving the Hispanic community? Tell us. Read more

Blizzard 2015

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Video: BC during February’s historic blizzard. Read more

A portrait of Julia Domna

Romans Invade the Heights

The McMullen Museum of Art hosts “Roman in the Provinces.” Read more

Soaring Eagles

Molly Hamilton

Soaring Eagles: Molly Hamilton '93

A baker for everyone: Molly Hamilton '93 develops allergen-free cookies. Read more

Brian Flores

Soaring Eagles: Brian Flores '03, MS '04

A coach of champions: Brian Flores '03 helped the Patriots capture their fourth Super Bowl ring. Read more

Gretchen Andrus

Soaring Eagles: Gretchen Andrus '10

An artist for the tech generation: Gretchen Andrus '10 created the world's first virtual reality art show. Read more

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