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Making a Sustainable Impact

Flynn Fund Gifts Keep Eagles Flying High

Chris Quincy '85, P'12, '16, recalls his time at the Heights as the peak of Boston College football. He knows firsthand the positive effect a competitive athletics department can have across campus. Today, as a volunteer with a nonprofit sailing organization, he also knows the costs that are required to create and maintain a championship-caliber program.

“When my daughter joined the Eagles sailing team, I knew there was a significant price associated with upkeep and equipment,” says Quincy. “In order for them to achieve at a high level, they need the best equipment and coaches. They don’t need to be worried about holding bake sales to raise money for regattas.”

His solution: Make annual gifts to the Flynn Fund. Donations like Quincy’s serve as the lifeblood of BC’s Athletics Department—and such gifts are directed to where they are needed most. In 2011–2012, more than 4,000 donors made gifts to BC’s annual fund for Athletics, providing $6.96 million in support. The consistent generosity affords the players the opportunity to focus on obtaining a world-class education as they vie for championships.

As a former BC women’s soccer player, Trish Barrigan ’94 still benefits from her time as a student-athlete. The annual support she directs to her former team helps maintain the strong bond she formed with BC soccer during her time as an undergraduate.

“The success I’ve enjoyed in my career is a direct result of the lessons I learned at BC in my sporting endeavors,” says Barrigan, a senior partner at Benson Elliot Capital Management LLP. “I like knowing I can provide that same opportunity to other young women.”

Through the generosity of donors like Quincy and Barrigan, both programs have seen a spike in fundraising and athletic accomplishments. Sailing has received more than $525,000 in support over the last five years and has won numerous national championships in both team and individual competition. Meanwhile, women’s soccer saw donations nearly double over a two-year period while advancing to the NCAA College Cup in 2010 for the first time. Barrigan personally believes the correlation between the two is no coincidence.

“To attract the best talent, from a playing and coaching perspective, we need to be competitive and provide stellar opportunities. I hope my donations can help support that in some small way—today and in the future.”

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