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Endowed Professorships

Q&A: The Power of Endowed Professorships

Creating an endowed professorship provides an enduring way to foster outstanding teaching and research while enhancing the University’s reputation. Three professors who hold endowed chairs––among the 20 established during the Light the World campaign––share their perspectives on the impact these gifts have had on their work.

Mary Ann Glynn
Joseph F. Cotter Professor
Management and Organization Department

What does the gift of an endowed professorship mean to teaching and research at BC?

An endowed chair provides the critical financial support for a faculty member to develop a comprehensive, innovative research agenda; collaborate with graduate fellows; and pursue a multitude of activities related to both coursework and scholarship.

Over the past five years, my professorship has given me the resources to develop and refine the courses I teach as well as to expand my research on the ways that innovation, creativity, and change occur in organizations. I’ve been able to speak at a number of other institutions, publish widely in journals, and begin a book synthesizing insights from my research.

Robert Bartlett, MA’91, PhD’92
Behrakis Professor in Hellenic Political Studies
Political Science Department

How do endowed positions enhance BC’s academic reputation?

At its core, a university is the union of two things: a great faculty and wonderful students.

Endowed positions are a key tool in attracting and retaining the very best scholars and teachers from around the globe because they provide dedicated resources that allow us to conduct innovative research as well as focus our energies on coursework.

Boston College expects excellence of its faculty in the classroom while maintaining a lively and rigorous research agenda. To cultivate a faculty that can meet those goals, endowed professor­ships are essential.

Alan Marcus
Mario J. Gabelli Endowed Professor
Finance Department

What would you say to donors considering a gift of an endowed chair?

It’s a chance to make a lasting difference—by helping BC fulfill its academic goals and, more generally, by advancing knowledge.

By naming a professorship, the donor both endorses and advances the University’s mission. It is a wonderful public gesture that emphasizes the value that the donor places on Boston College and its ideals.

Boston College Alumni and Friends