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On Merit

BC Law’s new scholarship initiative will help the school thrive in a competitive field.
BC Law’s new scholarship initiative will help the school thrive in a competitive field.

Dean’s Scholars Program Attracts Legal Eagles

As one of the nation’s premier legal institutions, Boston College Law School is in constant competition with other elites to attract a student body of the highest caliber. A talented and diverse group of scholars creates an environment that expands students’ personal and intellectual horizons, enriching the law school experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Potential students weigh many factors as they compare schools: the quality, reputation, and mis­sion of the institution; its special strengths and distinctive programs; its campus and location; and, with tuition averaging more than $40,000 annu­ally, its cost.

Often the most talented students find that their choice of law school is constrained by their ability to meet their educational expenses.

In response, a new initiative at BC Law now complements the school’s strong institutional com­mitment to need-based aid. Beginning this fall, the Dean’s Scholars Program offers merit-based aid to applicants deemed especially outstanding.

“At BC Law, the quest for academic excellence is informed by our mission to educate lawyers dedi­cated to the Ignatian ideals of justice and service. The Dean’s Scholars Program gives us an impor­tant tool to encourage that special kind of person to choose BC Law,” says Dean Vincent D. Rougeau.

Established with inaugural gifts from James Champy, JD’68; David Donohue, JD’71; and Michael Puzo ’74, JD’77, P’00, ’02, ’08, ’08, the program welcomed two talented first-year students to campus in September.

Recipient Robert Rossi, JD’16, a 2013 graduate of Boston College in finance and marketing, was inspired to pursue law school by his father, who is also a lawyer.

“Being around lawyers has always been a part of my life, and I’m excited to discover what opportunities are out there,” says Rossi. “There are so many intelligent people who have graduated from BC Law and are a part of my class. I’m just trying to make the most of this incredible opportunity.”

Donohue, a longtime benefactor of the school and member of its Dean’s Advisory Board, hopes that other alumni will join him in contributing to the new program––or to similar initiatives in the University’s other graduate and undergraduate schools.

“My wife, Pamela, and I wanted to encourage the very best young minds to come to what I believe is the very best law school in the country,” he says.

► For more information or to support the Dean’s Scholars Program, please contact Jessica Cashdan, executive director of advancement and associate dean, Boston College Law School, at 617-552-3536 or

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