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Compassionate Care

Megan Kane '13

How Financial Aid Made My BC Dream Come True
Megan Kane '13

Even before I first stepped foot on Boston College's beautiful campus, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I wanted an outstanding nursing school, and I was so excited by all BC had to offer. But I thought this University was out of my reach—and without financial aid, it would have been.

I’ve grown so much during my four years at the Heights, through my classes and through the opportunities I’ve had working with underprivileged populations in Boston.

As a freshman, I entered the PULSE Program for Service Learning, and that experience has shaped everything I’ve done since. Our philosophy and theology studies illuminated the ideal of service: No matter what your personal gifts or interests might be, you can find a way to serve.

That principle has helped guide me ever since. Through PULSE, I have worked with HIV/AIDS patients who are homeless and attempting to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. It was difficult, exhilarating, and sometimes sad—and I loved it.

Another semester, I volunteered in St. Francis House’s foot clinic. I would wash people’s feet and give them clean socks, and I learned so much from those patients.

The simple act of providing compassionate and valuable care for people who have so little meant so much to them.

That’s what I love about nursing: It’s purposeful, and it’s concrete. You are solving problems and working toward a goal. And you’re helping people heal.

When I graduate in May, I hope to care for either trauma or burn patients. Thanks to Boston College, I know what my interests are and where my gifts lie. Thanks to BC’s generous donors, I am now ready to be a nurse.

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