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Shining a Light on Rising Faculty


Diane Harkins Coughlin '74 and Christopher Coughlin '74, P'06, '07, don’t need to be sold on the impact of an education from the Carroll School of Management. During their time at Boston College, each studied in the school, with two of their three children later following their lead: Both daughter Kelly and her husband, Ernie Bourassa, Jr., are 2006 graduates, and son Timothy and his wife, Nicole, received MBAs from the school a year later.

“Even though it is a business school, you receive a very broad education,” says Christopher Coughlin. “My family and I can personally attest to the fact that the Carroll School prepares people for business, for their communities, and for life in general.”

The Coughlins’ passion for BC inspired previous philanthropic efforts, such as a Light the World campaign gift that promotes teaching excellence at the school and an endowed scholarship in honor of Diane’s family. When the Sesquicentennial Challenge was recently announced, the family knew they had found a perfect way to continue giving back.

With this challenge, the Coughlins have pledged $1 million to establish an assistant professorship in the Carroll School, with an anonymous donor complementing their generosity with a $500,000 matching gift. The Coughlins’ commitment is the first to this University-wide initiative to bolster support for outstanding junior faculty, and the family credits both the unique opportunity and the leadership of Carroll School Dean Andrew Boynton ’78 and his faculty with helping them take this significant step.

“We have been very impressed with Andy and with the emphasis on faculty and teaching,” remarks Coughlin. “You can bring talent into the student body, but you need professors who have the values and the teaching ability to stimulate the students to grow into their capacity.”

For the Carroll School, the Diane Harkins Coughlin and Christopher J. Coughlin Sesquicentennial Assistant Professorship provides a critical opportunity to attract promising faculty to this top-ranked institution.

“Our faculty are the University’s most valuable resource. They represent the front line in creating new knowledge, and they inspire our students through their teaching, mentoring, and advising each and every day,” says Boynton. “We are so appreciative of the Coughlin family for demonstrating their belief in our faculty and supporting their efforts in an incredibly generous way.”

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