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Jesuit, Catholic Heritage

One hundred and fifty years after its founding, Boston College remains committed to its Jesuit, Catholic roots.

Through the campaign, loyal benefactors like you can continue to secure this unique heritage while making it live anew on campus and resonate in the wider world.

The establishment and growth of the School of Theology and Ministry is a significant step. Similarly, the Church in the 21st Century Center remains an ever-expanding resource and focal point for discussions of faith and society, while initiatives like the Center for Student Formation strive to further integrate students’ social, intellectual, and spiritual development.

Your ongoing support can ensure BC’s distinctive mission remains strong.

Guiding Eagles

Guiding Eagles

Three BC students share how the Center for Student Formation’s retreats, peer mentoring, and other programs helped shape their lives at BC and beyond. Read more.

PULSE office

A Healthy PULSE

BC’s innovative service learning program has been running at maximum capacity for years. Now, thanks to the Cooney Family PULSE Directorship, the program can benefit more students—and social service agencies—than ever. Read more.

Susan Reynolds and Jeremy Zipple

A Spiritual Mission

Join School of Theology and Ministry graduate students as they discuss their personal academic journeys—and how they believe BC is shaping the future of religious education. Read more.

Boston College Alumni and Friends