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On Eagles' Wings

students lighting candles during prayer service

A confidential online prayer request service for alumni, parents and friends of Boston College.

Faith Programs and Service Opportunities

As graduates of a Jesuit, Catholic University we share a special commitment not to live for ourselves alone. We recognize that we are called to share our time, talent, and resources with the world around us.  It is a lifetime commitment – a commitment worthy of St. Ignatius’ call to go “transform the world.” Consider these service opportunities

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Lenten Reflections: Easter Sunday

Christ is alive! I’m tempted to simply end this reflection on Easter with that.  After all, is there anything better than knowing Christ lives, that death is not the end, and that we belong in God’s love rather than the cold isolation of the tomb? » Read more

Lenten Reflections: Palm Sunday

“Men and women for others.”  At virtually every Jesuit educational institution today, you’ll find this statement issued as the formational goal for students.  Certainly our hope for students at Boston College is no different; even a cursory search through the BC website will turn the phrase up in dozens of places, across several offices and departments on campus. » Read more

Lenten Reflections: Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today’s Gospel for the fifth Sunday of Lent contains arguably the crux of the Christian story: death leads to life.  Our Gospels seem to contain a lot of these paradoxical truths; how strength is found through making oneself weak, “to find myself I must lose myself”, “it is in giving away that I receive”, and in this case, “that through death we experience life”.  Taken at a glance these are absurd statements, and it amazes me to consistently encounter the truth of them in my life. » Read more

Past Presentations:

On Wednesday, March 5 and March 19, 2014, Fr. Joseph O’Keefe S.J., Professor, Lynch School of Education, and Interim Director, Center for Ignatian Spirituality, presented “Finding God in the Difficulties of Life” at the Cadigan Alumni Center. To view his presentation, click here.

On Saturday, February 16, 2013, Melissa Kelley, Associate Professor, School of Theology and Ministry, presented “Caring for the Caregivers” at the Cadigan Alumni Center. To view her presentation, click here.


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