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Q: What is the Council for Women of Boston College?

A: The Council for Women of Boston College, established in 2002, is currently made up of more than 140 alumnae who support the University in a variety of ways. The Council's mission is to increase the involvement and influence of women in all aspects of life at Boston College.

Q: Who belongs to the Council for Women?

A: The Council currently consists of more than 140 Boston College alumnae. The members reflect the rich diversity of BC. At present they come from 12 different states and represent many of the schools within the University.

Q: Who can join?

A: Criteria for membership consideration on the Council include:

  • Being an alumna of Boston College.
  • Providing financial support to the University as an 1863 Society donor at the Bapst Circle level.
  • Committing to attend semi-annual meetings.
  • Serving on one of the Council's three committees.

Members of the Council will be expected to play an active role in support of the Council's overall mission and the achievement of its goals.

Nominations for Council membership are received and reviewed by the Membership Committee. Candidates accepted by the Membership Committee are then reviewed by the Executive Committee.

Q: What is associate membership?

A: Associate membership, a new form of membership established in 2006, provides a unique opportunity for alumnae to participate in select Council events and programs, interacting with Council Members and strengthening their connection to Boston College. Associate membership is open to all female graduates of Boston College. Click here to join.

For more information, please contact Diane Carey, Associate Director, at 617-552-8466 or

Q: How else can I get involved?

A: Please check out our programs to learn more about the Council's upcoming events that are open to the public. Your involvement is a great way to stay connected with the University community. For more information contact us at

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