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About the Tech & Entrepreneurship Council


The Boston College Technology and Entrepreneurship Council was established under the leadership of University Trustee Peter W. Bell ’86 and Daniel J. Nova ’83 in October 2001. A West Coast Chapter was established in 2003 under the leadership of William S. McKiernan ’78.


The Boston College Technology and Entrepreneurship Council has two main organizational levels: executive committee and general membership. Those eligible for general membership are alumni, parents of students and graduates, and established friends of the University who are involved in the technology community.

To become a general member, please complete this form. For questions, please email

Executive Committees

There are two executive committees, one representing the East Coast and one representing the West Coast. Committee members serve terms of two years and may serve more than one term.

East Coast Leadership


John S. Gallant '79
Chief Content Officer &
Senior Vice President
IDG Enterprise

Miguel Galvez '12
Cofounder & CEO
NBD Nanotechnologies

Peter W. Bell '86
General Partner
Highland Capital Partners

Diane P. Coletti '81
Managing Partner
DHR International

Tom Coburn '13

Michael Cote '83, P'17'11'09'07
General Manager and Vice President
Dell Secure Works

Paul Denninger '80
Senior Managing Director
Evercore Partner, Inc.

Brendan Feinberg '11
Manager - Finance & Strategy

William J. Geary '80
Flare Capital Partners

Ronald Hovsepian '83, P'09, '10, '14
President and CEO
Intralinks Holdings, Inc.

Mike MacKeen '86
Bulger Partners

Daniel J. Nova '83
Managing General Partner
Highland Capital Partners

Sofia Papastamelos '13
Associate Product Manager

Neeraj Prathipati '11
Investment Banking Analyst
MTS Health Partners, L.P.

Paradees Safizdeh '10
Digital Marketing Manager
CloudHealth Technologies, Inc.

Randy P. Seidl '85, P'13
Senior Vice President of the Americas
Enterprise Storage, Servers & Networking
Hewlett Packard Company

Harvey Simmons '11
Digital Marketing Manager

West Coast Leadership

William S. McKiernan '78
WSM Capital, LLC

Mark W. Adams, ’87
VP of Worldwide Sales
Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.

Cathryn Bryck Arnell, Esq., ’79
Vice President, Tax and Treasury
Equinix, Inc.

Richard W. Baker, ’86
Managing Director & Head of San Francisco Instituational Sales
Stifel Nicolaus Finanical
Peter W. Bell, '86
General Partner
Highland Capital Partners

Peter I. Cittadini, ’78, P’09
President & CEO
Actuate Corporation

David Donatelli '86
Exec. Vice President, Enterprise Services
Hewlett Packard.

Paul Coghlan, ’66, P’00
Vice President, Finance & CFO
Linear Technology Corp.

Judith A. Feeley, ’84
Vice President Strategic Sales
Blue Coat

Robert A. Ferris, ’63, P’07
Celtic Capital, LLC

William J. LePage, ‘84
Senior Vice President, Global Sales Operations
Cisco Systems Inc.

John A. Malloy, ’81
Managing Partner
BlueRun Ventures

Kevin J. Morris, ’01
Business Analyst
Goldman Sachs & Company

Timothy R. Morse, ’91
Chief Financial Officer
Yahoo! Employee Foundation

George A. Pavlov, ’85
General Partner
Tallwood Venture Capital

Walter T. Rossi, Jr., ’85
Sr. Director, Business Development

Philip W. Schiller, ’82
SVP, Worldwide Product Marketing
Apple Computer Inc.

Daniel J. Warmenhoven, P’05
Network Appliance

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