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Office of Undergraduate Admission

University Core Curriculum

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Every Boston College education is centered on a core curriculum — a set of required courses that includes literature, natural science, writing, history, philosophy, theology, social science, mathematics, art, and the study of a non-European culture.

Boston College offers core curricula because it believes that an educated person should have an understanding of the significant forces and themes that have shaped world culture and history. It also believes that young men and women who share a common, broad body of knowledge are better prepared to speak, listen, and act effectively as world citizens.

In consultation with faculty advisors, students generally complete their core requirements in the first two years, during which time they also begin to take elective courses in their major or in any area that is of interest to them.


College of Arts & Sciences and the Lynch School of Education

1 Writing
1 Literature (Classics, English, Germanic Studies, Romance Languages, Slavic, and Eastern Languages)
2 Modern History
2 Philosophy
2 Theology
2 Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geology/Geophysics, Physics)
2 Social Science (Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Psychology in Education, Sociology)
1 Mathematics
1 Arts (Fine Arts, Music, Theater)
1 Cultural Diversity

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language.

The Carroll School of Management

The Arts & Sciences Core plus course work in Economics, Computers, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Technology Management, Organizational Behavior, Law and Ethics, and Mathematics. Students in the School of Management must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language.

The Connell School of Nursing

The Arts & Sciences Core with four natural sciences. Cultural diversity is integrated into the curriculum.