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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Advanced Placement Processing

letter to incoming freshmen with possible advanced placement



The Undergraduate Admission Office will soon begin processing Advanced Placement Units for the class of 2019. If you have College Board AP scores, International Baccalaureate results, A Levels, transcripts from college courses taken on college campuses, or other international leaving exams please be sure that you have designated Boston College as the score recipient for these results and transcripts.  More detailed information on Boston College’s Advanced Placement policies can be found in the Academic Planning Guide for First Year Students, the University Catalog and the following website


Please note the following with regards to specific results that you may be sending for review:

COLLEGE BOARD ADVANCED PLACEMENT EXAMS: Please note that it is particularly important when requesting results from the College Board Advanced Placement exams that you request a COMPLETE score history be sent to Boston College and not just your most recent results.  The BC code at the College Board is 3083. If you have not yet requested your results be sent to Boston College you should do so immediately by calling the College Board at 1-888-225-5427.

Request for review of College Board Advanced Placement Scores (PDF reader required)

COLLEGE COURSES TAKEN DURING HIGH SCHOOL: College coursework taken on a college campus with a college professor and with other college students either during the academic year or over the summer may be evaluated for advanced placement units. Only courses that are deemed equal in depth and breadth to coursework taught at Boston College and are being used to supplement high school coursework (and not to fulfill high school requirements) will be con­sidered. Each 3- or 4-credit course with a grade of B or better will be considered. If you have or will be submitting a college transcript for consideration please fill out the following form and submit it immediately according to the directions on the form.

Request for Review of College Coursework Completed while in High School (PDF reader required)

Students enrolled in courses designated as “college courses” that are taken at the high school may only earn advanced placement units if corresponding College Board AP exams are taken and qualifying scores are earned. A college tran­script alone cannot be used to earn advanced place­ment units for these courses and therefore no transcript or form should be submitted for evaluation.


Please request your official results be submitted to Boston College when they become available. International Baccalaureate results can be submitted through the IBO electronically at If you will be submitting results please fill out the following form and submit it immediately according the directions on the form. 

Request for Review of International Baccalaureate Results


Many international students will receive only one official copy of their results and are unable to get an original copy to submit to Boston College for review. If this is the case for you there are two ways to proceed: You may get a copy of the original results certified by a notary to present for evaluation and attach that certified copy to the form below OR you may bring your original results and the attached form to the Undergraduate Admission Office where we can view the original and make a copy for our use. If you will be presenting exam results that may be eligible for advanced placement units please refer to the following form and fill it our accordingly.

Request for Review of International Test Credentials

SAT II Subject Exams

If you took a a foreign language in high school and completed a corresponding SAT II Subject exam that you would like to submit to satisfy the language proficiency requirement, please fill out the form below. You will also need to have the official scores sent to Boston College from the College Board.

Request for Review of SAT II Subject Test Scores for Language Proficiency

In early August when all results received have been processed we will once again reach out to all incoming students and ask them to check their BC records to understand how their AP units have been assigned and what core requirements they may have fulfilled.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters. Feel free to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 617-552-3100 with any questions you may have.