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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Nursing FAQ

undergraduate admission

What kind of undergraduate nursing program does Boston College offer?

Boston College offers a Bachelor of Science (nursing) at the undergraduate level through the Connell School of Nursing.

Am I able to attend the undergraduate Bachelor of Science (nursing) part-time?

No, the Bachelor of Science (nursing) program is only offered for full-time day students.

Does BC offer a RN to Bachelor of Science (nursing) program at the undergraduate level?

No, there is no formal RN to Bachelor of Science (nursing) program.  However, students with an RN may apply as transfer students.

Do you allow nursing transfer students?

Yes.  Boston College enrolls a very small cohort of nurses to the Bachelor of Science (nursing) program in the fall semester only. We usually enroll approximately three to five nursing students each fall, depending on how many openings are available. Several times in the last few years we have not admitted any students to our nursing program because the program was at capacity.

What courses are required to be considered for transfer admission to the Connell School of Nursing?

All students must have completed Anatomy and Physiology I & II with lab, General Chemistry with lab, and Statistics. For a complete review of recommended courses please consult the course selection guide on our website.

How will I know if my courses will transfer to Boston College?

For a course to be considered for transfer it must be equal in depth and breadth to a course taught at BC.  Grades below a C are not considered for credit. Due to the amount of time required to do evaluations, we are unable to do credit evaluations until a student has applied and been admitted. Once admitted, a student will get a full evaluation of their previous coursework and how it applies to the degree they seek at BC. Please refer to the course selection guide for guidance on course requirements. 

Am I required to submit my high school transcript when I apply as a transfer student?

Yes, all students applying to transfer must submit their high school transcript along with all other required documents

I have already earned a Bachelor's degree from another college or university.  May I apply to Boston College for a second bachelor's degree (nursing)?

Yes, the Bachelor of Science (nursing) program is the only program for which we allow students to pursue a second bachelor's degree. Please note that it will take 3 years to graduate with your Bachelor of Science (nursing).