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Patrick Madaya

Patrick Madaya - MCAS '18


Hometown: Dallas, Pennsylvania

Previous School: Boston University

Major: Biology

Clubs/Activities: Student Admission Program (Greeting and Transfer Outreach), Assistant Director of Outreach for GLC, Member of the Mendel Society, and Work Study in Compliance for BC Athletics

Meaningful BC Experience: My most meaningful experience at BC was my initial interaction with Mary French my first week on campus. Due to weather, I wasn't able to make it to orientation early enough to meet the admissions counselors, but she really went out of her way to set up a meeting with me. Then at the meeting she remembered everything from my application and it made me feel so at home here at BC. Not only did we talk for way longer than I anticipated, but she helped me plan out the rest of my time at BC and is the reason why I joined so many clubs when I first got on campus. It made me feel incredibly at home here and got my BC career off to the start I needed after transferring.

Lexie Carchedi

Lexie Carchedi - LSOE '20


Hometown: Rockland, MA

Previous School: Elon University

Major: Applied Psychology and Human Development

Clubs/Activities: Special Olympics, Student Admissions Program, Volunteering through PULSE, TWLOHA, Intramural Sports

Meaningful BC Experience: My favorite BC experience so far has definitely been attending the Halftime retreat. As a transfer, it really helped me come out of my shell and get to know not just the other transfers, but also upperclassmen and the faculty. It was nice to start the semester at a new school and be able to see familiar faces. I also really love the atmosphere at BC!

Samantha Murphy

Samantha Murphy - MCAS '19


Hometown: Scituate, MA

Previous School: University of Delaware

Major/Minor: Psychology, B.S./Medical Humanities

Clubs/Activities: Health Coach through the Office of Health Promotion, Public Health Club, Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Psychology Department

Meaningful BC Experience: I have had so many great experiences and have met the most amazing people at BC since transferring last fall. I thought running the Welles Crowther Red Bandanna 5K was so special because I felt warmth of the BC community that morning as we came together to honor one of our own.

Elizabeth Spyroue

Elizabeth Spyrou - MCAS '20


Hometown: Sudbury, MA

Previous School: Colby College

Major: Biology

Clubs/Activities: SAP, Hellenic Society, BC Wishmakers, Special Olympics

Meaningful BC Experience: A meaningful experience I've had at BC so far is the Halftime retreat I went on at the beginning of the year. During this retreat, I met several other transfer students and had time to reflect on my goals for the coming year at BC.

Shaye Ellard

Shaye Ellard - MCAS '19


Hometown: Brewster, MA

Previous School: Providence College

Major/Minor: Art History/Computer Science

Clubs/Activities: Club Field Hockey, Transfer Outreach Coordinator for the Student Admission Program (SAP), Tour Guide and Panelist for SAP, College Success Academy Tutor

Meaningful BC Experience: One of my favorite experiences at BC so far has been my opportunity to tutor in a local elementary school. Every Tuesday afternoon I step off campus and am able to be a part of the local community. My interactions with these 5th and 6th grade students has helped me to understand the diverse community of the Greater Boston area. I always look forward to stepping off campus and taking advantage of the many opportunities to give back to the community.

Yiming Shu

Yiming Shu - MCAS '19


Hometown: Hefei, China

Previous School: Clark University, Worcester, MA

Major: Political Science

Clubs/Activities: Student Admission Program, 4 Boston Volunteer Service, AHANA Pre-Law Student Association

Meaningful BC Experience: One of my most valuable experiences at BC has been my interaction with my philosophy professor. Since I am new to philosophy, I am a bit behind during both class and weekly assignments. When I stopped by his office hours, he was really nice and talked with me about how to start with philosophy and think as a philosopher. Furthermore, he instructed me on how to use philosophy to self-reflect and deal with my academic concerns. We talked more like friends than between the professor and his student. The close connection between professors and students is one of the most valuable parts of BC, as a middle size undergraduate student body.

Zoe Nicozisin

Zoe Nicozisin - MCAS '20


Hometown: Newton, MA

Previous School: Saint Louis University

Major/Minor: Biology on the Pre-Med Track/Sociology

Clubs/Activities: SAP (Transfer Outreach), Boston College Special Olympics, Campus School, Med-Life

Meaningful BC Experience: One of the most meaningful things I am a part of at Boston College is working with the Campus School which is a school for kids with special needs.  I volunteer 2 hours a week to work directly with a student in the program and am on a committee chair for the club as well.  Not only is this club a good outlet for reflection and community service but it fosters a real interest for me.  I am pre-med and am considering specializing in pediatrics working with kids with special needs, so the Campus School is a perfect place for me here at BC!  The students in the Campus School have strong personalities and unique qualities that can light up any room.  Working with them each week is an amazing way to spend my time and is something that I will certainly continue to pursue here at BC.

Nicholas Santos-Powell

Nicholas Santos-Powell - MCAS '19


Hometown: Lorton, VA

Previous School: Mount Ida College

Major/Minor: Biochemistry on the Pre-Med Track/Spanish

Clubs/Activities: Boston College Lacrosse, SAP, Eagle For A Day, Cape Verdean Association, Freshman League, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Biology Department)

Meaningful BC Experience: During my first semester at Boston College, both my professors and myself got acquainted with one another over the course of a semester. Every professor is always willing to extend a helping hand to make sure that each student reaches his or her full potential in and outside of class. There is a plethora of opportunities offered by a number of faculty to gain research, TA experience, tutoring etc. With everyone having such a welcoming hand, it authentically shaped my BC experience thus far.

Elizabeth Wiecek

Elizabeth Wiecek - CSOM '19


Hometown: Tenafly, NJ

Previous School: Lehigh University

Major(s): Finance & Accounting

Clubs/Activities: : Club Figure Skating, SAP (Tour Guide and Panelist), Women in Business Mentor

Meaningful BC Experience: I really enjoy being on the Club Figure Skating team (even when practice is at 6AM!) and I loved studying abroad this summer in Dublin, Ireland taking Managerial Accounting!

Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez - MCAS '19


Hometown: San Juan, PR

Previous School: Simmons College

Major/Minor: Communication/Italian

Clubs/Activities: SAP (Transfer Outreach, International Outreach, & Office Management), OLA

Meaningful BC Experience: This semester I am taking a Philosophy/Theology class called Perspectives. Perspectives has challenged me to be critical and to apply the concepts discussed in class to today's world. I encourage you all to take this class!


Shelby Grasso

Shelby Grasso - MCAS '19


Hometown: Belmont, CA

Previous School: University of Oregon

Major/Minor: Psychology/English

Clubs/Activities: Research Assistant in the Arts and Mind Lab (BC Psychology Department), Editorial Assistant for the Rock at BC, SAP Transfer Outreach

Meaningful BC Experience: At BC, so many of the faculty go out of there way to provide the best experience possible for students. When I first arrived on campus fall of my sophomore year, I was having a difficult time finalizing my class schedule. The first week of a new semester is always hectic, and it was a bit more disorienting being a new student. I found out who my academic advisor was, met with him, and by the time I had left his office, I was feeling a thousand times better about both that semester and the rest of my time at BC. He had encouraged me to take the classes that were right for me over those I felt obligated to take, and even gone so far as to give me an override into one of his own classes that was a perfect match for my schedule and interests. The faculty is definitely here to help!