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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

office of transfer admission

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Is it easier to apply and enroll for September or January? 
The admission process is generally very similar in terms of selectivity for each semester. Selectivity does vary a bit by semester because transfer enrollment figures depend on how many openings there are at the University, which can fluctuate from one semester to the next. 

How many students apply for admission?
We generally have about 1,700 applicants for September and 400 for January. 

If I applied as a freshman and was not accepted, should I apply?
As for freshman admission, the transfer admission process is highly selective. Students most successful in our transfer process will be competitive out of high school and have strong college records. Although you are welcome to re-apply, please be aware of the selectivity of our process.

Should I schedule an interview?
No. Boston College does not interview as a part of the admission process. Students are welcome to attend a Transfer Eagle Eye Campus Visit or set up an appointment to speak with a counselor who will answer specific questions from prospective applicants, but the meetings are not evaluative in nature. 

I'm an international applicant. Do I need to submit both the SAT and the TOEFL? Students whose first language is not English must have a current TOEFL score (within the last two years) and either the SAT or the ACT in order to apply. This applies to all international students, even those who attend schools where the primary language of instruction is English. The only way the TOEFL requirement will be waived is if the student scores 600 or above on the SAT EBRW or a 27 or above on the ACT English.

When will I be notified of my admission decision?
Students applying for September submit applications no later than March 15th and will be notified no later than May 20th. Students applying for January submit applications by Nov. 1st and will hear no later than December 15th. All admission decisions are sent via e-mail.

Is it easier to be admitted to one major over another?
Students must apply to one of the four academic divisions at Boston College (The Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, the Carroll School of Management, the Connell School of Nursing and the Lynch School of Education) and selectivity is very similar across the divisions, with the exception of the Carroll School of Management and the Connell School of Nursing. In recent years, few seats have been available in the Carroll School of Management, thus allowing us to enroll only a handful (5–10) of new sophomores and juniors. Please be advised that applying to a different undergraduate division with the intent of transferring into the Carroll School of Management once enrolled at Boston College is not advised. 

Can I defer my admission?
Yes. Accepted students can defer for up to 2 years. However, the student must pay their enrollment confirmation fee to hold their place in the class. They may NOT enroll in classes during the deferment period as enrollment in courses would change the academic record upon which their admission decision was rendered. No exceptions will be made.

Can I reactivate my application from a previous admission cycle?
No. If you wish to re-apply to Boston College, you must submit all new documents and a new application fee. 

If I apply as a transfer candidate and do not get in can I reapply in the future?
We recommend that a student wait one full year before reapplying, so that they have time to improve their academic record in order to have the best chance of being admitted should they attempt to apply again. Please note: We do not hold or store past applications; therefore, students reapplying must submit all new documents and another application fee.

Does Boston College offer academic merit scholarships?
Academic merit scholarships are not available through the transfer application process. However, Boston College is committed to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of every admitted student. Please visit our Tuition and Aid page to learn more about need-based financial aid at Boston College.

Does Boston College offer financial aid to international students?
At this time, Boston College only offers financial aid to U.S citizens and U.S. permanent residents. Visit our Tuition and Aid page to learn more about financial aid at Boston College.

Does applying for financial aid affect my chances for admission?
Absolutely not. Boston College practices need-blind admission which means that a student's ability to pay is not considered by the Admission Committee.

Can I be involved at ROTC at Boston College? 
Yes. Army, Navy, and Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) programs offer substantial financial aid opportunities for qualified and selected individuals.

Army ROTC has an Extension Center on the Boston College campus and offers full-tuition scholarships with additional BC incentives. More information can be found at or 617-552-2580.

Navy ROTC (617-353-0474), providing full-tuition scholarships, and Air Force ROTC (617-353-4705), providing partial scholarships, are based/hosted at Boston University. You can find more information about this program at

Do I need to have completed specific courses to apply? 
There are no required courses you must complete before your application can be considered. Many students will take courses that fulfill Boston College Core Requirements and/or the first courses for their major. We recommend you take a look at our Transfer Course Selection Guide to get a better sense of the courses you should consider taking.

From which colleges and universities does Boston College accept credits? 
We accept credits from most accredited colleges and universities around the world. Courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis, so there may be individual courses that are not accepted. However, the general policy is that courses are acceptable if they are taken at an accredited college or university and are equal in depth and breadth to a course taught at Boston College. Additionally, a student must have earned a grade of C or better in order to receive credit for a course.

Will I get housing as a transfer student?
Housing availability varies. In recent years, students entering in September have been awarded one year of guaranteed housing, while those entering in January have been awarded one semester of guaranteed housing to begin their time at Boston College. It is likely that students will spend at least part of their time at BC living off campus. 

Will applying for on campus housing hurt my chances of admission?
No. Students should apply for housing if they wish to live on campus. Your housing request in no way impacts our admission decision. For more information on the Office of Residential Life, click here.

What is a transfer student?
A transfer student is any who has completed minimally nine credits prior to the admission deadline for the semester they wish to apply. For example, we do not allow students to transfer for second semester freshman year because the admission deadline for the January term is November 1st; therefore, no college courses would be complete for the applicant at that time. Most students will apply to begin as first- or second-semester sophomores or as first-semester juniors. Please note that college courses taken during high school and the summer just following are not transferable. 

Can I study abroad as a transfer student?

In most cases, yes. However, this process does take a great deal of planning. The earlier you begin at Boston College, the easier it will be to go abroad. Those who enter as first-semester juniors will have the most difficult time. New transfer students interested in studying abroad should visit the Office of International Programs during their first semester to discuss their plans. 

Can I attend part-time?

Admission through the Office of Undergraduate Admission is for full-time status only. For information on attending Boston College as a part-time student, please go to the Woods College of Advancing Studies web site. Because the part-time program is in no way affiliated with the Office of Undergraduate Admission, all questions about the part-time program must be directed to the Woods College.