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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Credit Evaluation

office of transfer admission

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Boston College's transfer credit policies are established by the deans and faculty of each undergraduate division. Course evaluations are completed by the Office of Transfer Admission. Any questions regarding the evaluation of courses, either before or after enrollment, should be directed to the Office of Transfer Admission.

At Boston College, transfer credit is established on a course-by-course basis.

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Of the credit hours required for graduation, a maximum of 60 credits may be transferred from another college or university. Graduation terms are determined by the number of transferred credits.

Transferable courses must have been completed at regionally accredited colleges or universities and must be similar in content, depth, and breadth to courses taught at Boston College. In addition, a minimum grade of C- must have been earned.

The unit of credit at Boston College is the semester hour. Most courses earn three semester hours of credit; lab sciences usually earn four semester hours of credit. .

Grade point averages do not transfer with students. A new GPA begins with the commencement of a student career at the University, and reflects only work completed as a full-time undergraduate at Boston College.

Courses taken during the summer prior to enrollment at Boston College must be approved in advance by the Office of Transfer Admission. After enrollment at Boston College, all summer courses must be approved in advance by the appropriate academic Dean.

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Students must spend four semesters in the full-time day program and complete a minimum of 60 credit hours at Boston College in order to be eligible for the degree. Courses taken in the Woods College of Advancing Studies or during the Summer Session may not be applied toward the four-semester minimum residency requirement.

Boston College officials believe the undergraduate college experience should be a four-year endeavor. Students are not normally permitted to accelerate their graduation terms by overloading or through summer coursework. Therefore, students may not accelerate the date of graduation stated in the acceptance letter.

If students have attended only one school prior to Boston College, and the loss of graduation status is due solely to differences between academic systems, they will be allowed to make up their status and graduate with their class. Any loss incurred or negatively affected by unacceptable grades, failures, or withdrawals may not be regained.

A transfer student's date of graduation is determined by the number of credits accepted in transfer and the number of Boston College semesters these credits satisfy. The normal academic load for undergraduates is 15 credits per semester. Thus, students are expected to have completed 30 credits at the end of one year, 60 at the end of two years, etc.

In determining a transfer student's date of graduation, leeway of six credits is allowed without loss of status. For example, students completing 24 to 30 transferable credits are accepted as first-semester sophomores.
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