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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Application Requirements

office of undergraduate admission

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Thank you for your interest in Boston College. We realize that the college application process can often seem daunting and overwhelming. The information below will help you better understand our application requirements. We encourage you to learn about our requirements before you begin your application. If you have additional questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Boston College use the Common Application. We require that all candidates submit their application electronically at

Students frequently ask us what they can do to enhance their application and provide us with important additional insights about themselves. Toward this purpose, Boston College requires all applicants to submit the Boston College Writing Supplement. The Boston College Writing Supplement must be submitted at Click here to see the Boston College Writing Supplement topics.

In addition to the Common Application, Boston College requires that you also submit the following forms. These forms can be printed and mailed (see below for address) or submitted electronically at

› The School Form and Counselor Letter of Recommendation - Your counselor or school official should submit this form. If your school uses its own school form, we will also accept that document. Traditionally the school form is submitted with a letter of recommendation from your college counselor and your official transcript.

› Teacher Evaluations - You are required to submit two teacher evaluations as part of your application to Boston College. We recommend that these evaluations are written by teachers who have taught you in one of the five main academic subject areas (English, social studies, science, math, or foreign language).

› Mid-Year Grade Report - We strongly recommend that you submit the Mid-Year Grade Report as soon as these grades are available. This form should be completed and submitted by your counselor or designated school official.

When you apply to Boston College, you must submit your application to one of the four undergraduate divisions at the University. Before you submit your application, we encourage you to learn more about each of the undergraduate divisions by clicking on the links below.

The College of Arts and Sciences
The Carroll School of Management
The Lynch School of Education
The Connell School of Nursing

 If you chose to enroll at Boston College, you must remain in the undergraduate division to which you applied for your first year at the University. If you wish to switch undergraduate divisions after your first year, you may apply for an internal transfer. However, transferring into the Carroll School of Management or the Connell School of Nursing has become increasingly difficult, and there have been years when these undergraduate divisions have not been able to accept any internal transfer candidates. Since we cannot guarantee that you will be able to switch undergraduate divisions after your admission or after your enrollment, we strongly recommend that you apply to the Carroll School of Management, the Connell School of Nursing, or the Lynch School of Education if you have an interest in one of those respective fields.

 Students frequently ask us if they can have a major in two undergraduate divisions. Students in the Carroll School of Management, the Lynch School of Education or the Connell School of Nursing may pursue a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences may pursue a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences, but cannot pursue a second major in one of our three pre-professional undergraduate divisions. Therefore, if you plan to pursue two majors in different undergraduate divisions, we encourage you to apply to the Carroll School of Management, the Lynch School of Education, or the Connell School of Nursing. Then, if you chose to enroll at Boston College, you may declare your second major in the College of Arts and Sciences during your freshman year.

 Any student at Boston College may take up to six courses in another undergraduate division.

 If you are truly undecided in your area or study, but your interests lie in the arts, the humanities and/or the sciences, we recommend you submit your application to the College of Arts and Sciences.

 While we do require that you select an undergraduate division before you apply to Boston College, we realize that you may be undecided about the specific major you'd like to pursue. At Boston College, you do not have to choose your major until the end of the sophomore year. Selecting "undecided" as your major will have no bearing on your admission to Boston College.

All students are required to submit an official high/secondary school transcript. This transcript must be sent by your high school and can be submitted online at or can be mailed (see below for address).

› All students must submit standardized test scores. You have two options to complete your standardized testing requirement.

 Your first option is submit the SAT I Reasoning Test

› Your second option is to submit the ACT with the writing section

 SAT II Subject Tests are optional. If you would like to highlight a talent in a specific area, you are welcome to submit SAT Subject Tests for consideration with your application. Subject Tests, particularly in foreign languages and the sciences, may be used for placement during the first year. Click here for additional information regarding advanced placement. 

 All standardized test results must be sent directly from the testing agency to Boston College. Boston College's SAT CEEB code is 3083. Boston College's ACT code is 1788.

 We require the TOEFL examination for all international applicants whose primary native language is not English. If you are an international student who is attending an English-speaking secondary school, we still require that you submit a TOEFL score. Minimum scores of 100 on the iBT are recommended. Boston College's Institutional TOEFL Testing Code is 3083. The Department Code is 00. We will only waive the TOEFL requirement if you score 600 or above on the SAT Critical Reading or 27 or better on the ACT English section. 

 It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive all of your standardized testing by the stated application deadlines.

The application fee or application fee waiver request* must be submitted in order for your application to be reviewed. Your application fee should be submitted with your Common Application at Given the volume of applications Boston College receives, we strongly recommend that you submit the application fee online. If you are unable to submit the fee online, you should mail (see below for address) a check or money order.

*Fee Waiver Request

If submitting the $70 application fee presents a financial hardship for your family and you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you may apply for an application fee waiver. You may apply for a fee waiver through the Common Application.

We strongly encourage you to electronically submit your application, fee, and supporting materials. If your school does not support the online submission of teacher evaluations, the school form, and/or your official high school transcript, please use the appropriate mailing address listed below.

Application Mailing Address:

Boston College Undergraduate Admission Processing Center
P.O. Box 67485
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Courier Service (FedEx, DHL, UPS)

Boston College Undergraduate Admission
Document Processing Center
124 Heritage Avenue Suite #14
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Boston College does not conduct interviews as part of the admission process.

If you plan to purse a major or minor in music, studio art, and/or theatre, or if you are interested in joining one of Boston College's performing arts groups, you may submit supplemental art pieces through Slide Room via the Common Application at If you do not intend to formally pursue your artistic talents at Boston College, but you would like to tell us about past experiences you've had in the arts, we encourage you to do so in the "Additional Information" section of the Common Application. All materials must be received via Slide Room by November 1 for Early Action candidates, and by January 1 for Regular Decision candidates. Submissions received after these dates will not be reviewed.

Once we have received your Common Application, we will email you your Boston College credentials. These credentials will allow you to check the completion status of your application using the AGORA Portal. Please keep in mind that we will email these credentials to the email address you provided on your Common Application.