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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Ben Miyamoto

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Year: Sophomore
School: College of Arts & Sciences
Major: Theology

As a freshman I chose to live in a living and learning community with my classmates from Perspectives, a four-year interdisciplinary program grounded in the great texts of Western culture. I’m glad I did. We took our classroom discussions back to the dorm for more debate. We also had special activities, like dinners with faculty, that helped us get to know our professors and one another.
During the first months of the school year, I went into Boston almost every weekend with different groups of friends: to an arts festival on Boston Harbor, an Irish restaurant near Faneuil Hall, Mike’s Pastries in the North End, and an all-day music festival in Canton, Massachusetts. I’ve made myself feel at home by exploring the campus and the Boston area.
Whether I’m exploring the city with friends, connecting with faculty at networking functions, or meeting fellow first-year students on a Boston Harbor boat cruise, I am continually broadening my circle and making the University seem a little smaller and more familiar.


Favorite place on campus:
The third floor of Gasson by the windows overlooking the quad, or the theology department lounge with the comfy couches on the third floor of Maloney.
Favorite place to study:
Gasson Commons or the second floor of Bapst
Favorite BC tradition:
Ignatian Examen, a short daily period of reflection
Favorite place in Boston:
The Mapparium or the Boston Opera House
My "aha" moment:
Realizing that “seeing God in everything” means asking people to tell you their stories.

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