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Office of Undergraduate Admission


A Foundation in the Liberal Arts

As a Jesuit, Catholic institution, Boston College is dedicated to the continual process of intellectual inquiry and student formation. At the core of this process is the University’s deep commitment to the ideals of the liberal arts. Boston College students may choose from over 50 majors in one of the four undergraduate schools. Our students’ varied pursuits are connected by a common experience in our liberal arts core curriculum. Providing a firm grounding in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, the core curriculum prepares our students for an increasingly complex and interdisciplinary world, and instills in them a concern for the entire human family.

The core curriculum includes two courses in each of the following disciplines:


Natural Science


Social Science


The core curriculum includes one course in each of the following disciplines:


Cultural Diversity





The liberal arts core is not a rigid set of requirements, but rather a guide to help students explore and broaden their academic interests. Within each core subject is a wide variety of courses from which to choose. For example, students can satisfy the Arts core by taking courses in Medieval art, American architecture, sculpture, or film history.


The statue of St. Ignatius in front of Higgins Hall

Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Programs



Fulton Hall, home to Carroll School of Management

Carroll School of Management

Academic Programs



Campion Hall, home to the Lynch School of Education

Lynch School of Education

Academic Programs


Cushing Hall, home to the Connell School of Nursing

Connell School of Nursing

Academic Programs

Honors Programs

Each undergraduate school at Boston College invites a select group of talented students to join the Honors Program. The various Honors Programs offer a more integrated approach to the liberal arts core, and feature smaller classes and seminars that are highlighted by greater interaction between students and faculty. The Honors Programs offer many extracurricular learning, social, and service opportunities. Invitation to the Honors Program typically accompanies an admission decision, although some second-year students are invited based on recommendations from their first-year instructors.

Pre-Professional Advising

For many students, an undergraduate education is the first step in the journey toward a professional degree. Boston College offers many academic and advising resources for students considering graduate study in professional fields like medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and law. These programs of study are not majors: while they offer preparation for the application process to graduate school, students in pre-professional programs are free to study the major of their choosing.

Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Veterinary Programs: These programs offer students assistance in the many decisions that precede application to medical, dental, or veterinary school: whether to choose a science-based major, how to sequence required courses, when to apply to graduate school, and others. The pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary programs help students prepare for the Medical College Admissions Test, the Dental Admissions Test, and the Graduate Record Examination, and also assist them in gaining the health-related internships and work experience that will strengthen their graduate school candidacies. Learn more about these programs.

Pre-Law Program: The Boston College Career Center and the Bellarmine Law Academy, an undergraduate pre-law association, offer advising to students interested in pursuing graduate education in law. The Career Center offers resources and advising on course selection, choosing the right law school, preparing for the Law School Admission Test, and putting together a compelling application. Both the Career Center and the Bellarmine Law Academy present panel discussions throughout the year on the law profession and the application process. Learn more about the pre-law program.