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Student Club and Organization Web Sites

excludes clubs and organizations without web sites

Note: This page includes only student clubs and organizations that maintain web sites. More-comprehensive lists of student organizations at Boston College are available at:

Student Organization Events

Student Organization Services (SOS)

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a number of services (web sites, email addresses, listservs, voice mail) to BC student clubs and organizations. Find out more at

Student Government Web Sites


  •  UGBC — Undergraduate Student
       Government of BC
  •  UGBC Student Assembly

Graduate and Professional

  •  GSA — Graduate Student Association
  •  GEA — Graduate Education Association
  •  GHA — Graduate History Alliance
  •  GMA — Graduate Management
  •  GNA — Graduate Nurses' Association
  •  LSALaw Student Association
  •  RLGARomance Languages
       Graduate Association

Disclaimer: The content of student organization web sites should not be considered "official" Boston College information.